Five Word Stories - Week #4 Winners (challenges #19-#24)

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I got caught up on Saturday and I am posting the results today. It is time to announce the winners for the fourth week of Five Word Stories Challenge

Due to your amazing support this week we will have two winners per post. First place receives 0.1 SBD and Second place received 0.05 SBD

>> Please note, participation is only through posting stories about the photos I post here. Not that you post a photo and story <<

A loud shoutout and kudos to all the participants and hope to see much more participation in the next week.

Here is the list of winners for this week who received 0.1 SBD and 0.05 SBD as prize.

Five Word Stories Challenge #19


Out of 81 submissions:

The winning story is "Where is gretel asked hansel.!:)" by @reginecruz

Runner up is "Nope, no witches living here." by @moneyinfant

Five Word Stories Challenge #20


Out of 48 submissions:

The winning story is "Try to blend in, guys." by @pearljolly

Runner up is "Let's try this way too" @waskeed

Five Word Stories Challenge #21


Out of 36 submission

The winning story is "Damn, didn't land on mars!" by @zpedro

Runner up is "Car so green, grows trees!" by @robhimself1

Five Word Stories Challenge #22


Out of 52 submissions:

The winning story is "Oh Deere, I need rest." by @mariebellehelene

Runner up is "My Deere's plum tuckered out!" by @puppetmaster1111

Five Word Stories Challenge #23


Out of 36 submissions:

The winning story is "Daddy. What's that? Over there." by @cryptofig

Runner up is "Seen the fries cart yet?" by @steempampanga

Five Word Stories Challenge #24


Out of 19 submissions:

The winning story is "'Beam me up' says Sealey" by @dinglehopper

Runner up is "This will seal our deal" by @stalexmkl

Congratulations to all the winners of this week challenge they all received 0.1SBD and runner ups have received 0.05 SBD as their prize and hope to see all of you during the next week challenge.

Hope to see you all in the next week challenge. Please spread the word and let your friends know about the challenge so we can extend the prize pool


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Thanks @b2travel for coming up with this activity keeps us active on steemit. I appreciate the reward I got thanks again.

Excellent and nice contest, it hurts that I saw your invitation late, next week I will be present, thank you for sharing, Happy Sunday

Oh wow. I will try to join the next one. 😊 Congratulations to the winners!

Ah...runner up again. New contests coming next week to try again.

thanks [email protected] for choosing my entry:) i appreciate it!!

Great picks this week! My favorites are #22. Love the uses of "Deere" @mariebellehelene and @puppetmaster1111 . Congratulations to all the winners!

imagetantang perempuan dalam membangun sebuah desa yang jarang di lakukan oleh wanita yang kemudia bisa dipublickasi. Bing transilator

Thanks for these contests. This is a very cool idea.

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Thanks. These are so fun. So sorry I missed seeing this somehow until now.

Thank you for taking me in to participate in this contest, I pressed that

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