Am I The Last Person To Get Their Not-A-Flamethrower?


I ordered the flamethrower back on January 28th, 2018.


What was going on in crypto back on January 28th of this year?

STEEM was $6.28
BTC was $12,040.38

You guys remember those prices? That's how long I have waited for this thing. @jeffjagoe got his more than two weeks ago.


Well, at least I will be able to nearly double my money. Can't say that for crypto.


That's nothing I've been waiting for this since 2015...

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The debate will be whether to wait a week or two to get more desperate buyers, or to sell now before other arriving orders hit the market.

I think I will try to sell locally for a no fee/no shipping sale. Christmas is around the corner and a flamethrower is the best gift to give!

@getonthetrain GIve the Gift of FLAME, I Love It !

Ha ha, those prices! Imagine how many Steem Monsters we could all buy if Steem was at $6.00. I was wondering why it took me so long to get any momentum when I first started. It must have been that the price to get one steem was 20 times what it is now.

Congrats on the flamethrower! Have fun doubling your money!

Oh my, this is so cool!!! This thing would on the very top of my Christmas wish list! :D

Please do a review, once it arrives!

Nice investment my friend :)

I still haven't given mine a try....
Waiting for the right day

Are you traveling right now or at home with it?

I'm at home with it right now but leave in a day for Mexico

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