Overwhelmed By Crisis? One Sure Solution For You.

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I woke by 2:30am with an excruciating
pain in my stomach. I groaned and
groaned, I twisted and turned, I rolled
over the bed, hoping and praying the
pains stop, but it didn't. For 30 minutes, I
was in great pains. I felt like my world was coming to an end.

When it dawned on me that the pains
weren't ebbing off and i couldn't bear it
anymore, i ran to my parents room to
knock and call for mama. She met me in a sorry state when she finally joined me in the room ...For me to come call her, she knew it was serious because I am one
person who can handle crises perfectly

Oh! Mamas are always mamas ...No
matter what time or situation, they are
just always there. Take time to appreciate
your Mum is she is alive cause really, no
one can replace her role in your life.
Mum got a bottle of anointing oil, prayed
over it and gave me a shot to drink while
she massaged my tommy with oil in her
hand, Praying!

Within 5 minutes, the pains disappeared,
but Mum still stayed on my bed fanning
me cause i was already drenched in heat.
She stayed behind till i asked her to leave. U see, i have the WORLD BESTEST MUM.

Sometimes, we think we can manage
situations and crisis on our own, but God is saying " Cast all your cares on me" ...You do not have to carry the pains and burdens alone if you let me relieve you of them.

You dont have to go through that
problems and tough moments if only you
let me...Just Let go and Let God
We place so much confidence in our self,
our abilities, our capabilities which is good.

But there are times when we just need to
surrender and say..

"Jesus, take the wheel
Take it from my hand
Cause I cant do this on my own
I'm letting go"

And trust that he never disappoints.
I'm grateful to be alive and strong

By vivienobidike



The battle is of the Lord. We all need to allow him fight the battle on our behalf

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