Happy food's day

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Happy world foods day
Here is my poem to celebrate this day
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So many child left unkept
So many sons of of sapiens are weeping
Our foods are out of bounds
And the fruits now sow sour
Our forest as been graded to roads
And our vegetables have been grazed
Our friends seems sick
Ulcer is now a part of us
We were forced to drink from the stream
Where diluted feaces are littered
Out baskets are empty
Our continent are no more green
Our fields are burnt
Leaders of tomorrow are dying
So many became thief
And where beaten by the mobs
Our leaders are enjoying
There baskets are overfull
They where filled by the tears of poor
And we claim to celebrate food day
Our goals have been cleansed by poverty
And ambition by hunger
Our mothers are crying
They can't imagine the agony of there pregnant women
Our children grew up in dismay
And in grieve they learn
In hunger they grow
And failed with no option
Our tears are long
Our foes are weighted
And our seeds are uprooted

Our continent needs a change
Our worlds need restructuring
Our youths are suffering
We need a change

Normally an hungry man should be angry
But this hunger is too much to fight
And the stupid worms keeps feeding on our empty tummy
Even, if I was fasting
I thought there is a beginning and an ending
It's just a decent food we're demanding

Happy world foods day


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