The best thing about roses in the world is very amazing

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Hello dear followers
Flowers are one of the most beautiful things that draw the smile, and give comfort and optimism in its bright colors and attractive smells. When we bring roses to people, this indicates their place in our hearts, and how important it is, and the roses always indicate good taste when choosing a gift for those we love. The least useful things are peacocks and roses. Roses are the silent nature of all kinds of life. Roses are the best way to apologize, because they transmit what is in the heart. The flower is attached to the hand. When you see roses, you feel a beautiful sensation, as if someone is telling you that I will make life beautiful for you. The road furnished with the Lord does not lead to glory.

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If she feels pessimistic, Rose hopes. If you grow on roses in your youth, you will sleep on thorns in your old age. All future blossoms are in the seeds planted today. Roses are a language that all humans in the world do not need to translate. In thought one can make his world of roses or thorns. Roses self-esteem and spirit, whenever we look at them learn a new lesson, Glory of the creator. Roses are the hope of life. From the shop of roses opposite the cemetery he buys a reply not known to whom, and waits. If you have a shark, buy one with a loaf, and another with a rose. Roses Mirsal Salam contributes to the rapprochement and increased familiarity among people. Love is like a beautiful rose, and the fulfillment is dew drops on it, and betrayal is the hateful shoe that tramples on the rose and smashes it. When a man neglects the roses, he withers and dies, as well as some humans when he neglects them to die. Rose is the symbol of love, happiness, joy and beauty. There are those who complain because the Lord has Shuka, and there are those who are optimistic because above the thorns and roses. We love roses, we love bread more, and we love the fragrance of roses, but the ears are cleaner. Roses language is not known and understood only the lover. Flowers were raised on the throne in the Kingdom of Emotions, and remained the most articulate among the lovers. Rose taught me that when I rejoice I showed my joy to be happier around me, and when my grief grieves my sorrow as the spring hides the effects of the fall. Flowers have a particular expressive language when words are lost and words are hard to express, pens dry and the tongue stammers, leaving only a bright glow to carry the meanings of expression.
The rose tells you how far Shawki and Hanini are. You are more beautiful than flowers and your eyes are cleaner than sea water. Our love was born with the growth of flowers, and the number of grains increased. Rose gives you optimism and calm nerves in the most difficult times. If the rose tends to the right it means me, but if the tendency to the left it means you, and if the rose by the right hand this is a positive answer, but if presented with the left hand this indicates a negative answer. Love goes from expression to look, smile and word, to flowering. Do not hesitate to collect roses and keep them, but the secret and you will find roses along your path ripe to enjoy them. To love and love, send the highest meanings of love, send the pulse of my heart and my heart, I give you heart, mind and conscience, and a garden of flowers, love you love remains the remaining time, love over the voice of forgetfulness, love filled my heart until I burst love, love you until the end of time, your face He paints an inner love that knows only eternity, a love that rises above the sky and flies freely without limits, so I love you. Beautiful roses of the beloved, tough in the off-season, impossible when you come from the heart of a traitor. Rose taught me to be like her and to wear a dress of purity and chastity, and to make myself a curtain to make a thorn in the face of someone trying to approach me. How many red roses and white foliage have melted the differences and wiped the tears, and alleviated the suffering of the suffering and the harsh conditions. The roses taught me to be as smooth as her leaves, as solid as the roots, and as rough as a leg, and as sweet as perfume. Flowers and roses constitute a world of its own, and when we stand before it unfolds all that this world glows and surprises us. Rose taught me to be like the fertile soil I give to those who grow fruit without waiting for the return. World flowers utter a beautiful feeling. I am the rose of lovers, the fire of love and longing, I am the first to know your heart and the first to hear your pulse, the first person you miss. The Lord has always had secrets, no matter how much we learn, there are many hidden ones. The most beautiful language of love we live together, and represents the most beautiful language of communication known to humans, the language of its rules colors, like all languages ​​can not understand or speak only those who mastered the vocabulary. Rose taught me to combine both beauty and cruelty at the same time. Roses is a life that carries many languages ​​of its own, the Lord has a spirit, the Lord has pride, Lord has beauty, Lord has love, Lord has intelligence, Lord has femininity and tenderness, Lord has humility, and He has many languages ​​when language is broken. Rose taught me to meet good and good, to meet evil with good and to meet charity with charity, and meet abuse charity. I brought you the roses of love, and wrote to my heart and on the pulse of the life of you, you come to the board and gifts, I come to you with a heart that wants you, I love you I stole and become my eye example, you come from the longing for your art, this is my love Spring flowers give it to you, please open your heart to love your heart Pink. The roses taught me to be jealous, and the dew drops in the morning to Artoy. Women and Venus are twins that add happiness and joy to the entire universe. I will gather today the roses of my lord to your eyes or your cheeks, and I will not be ashamed of you. You are the Lord, and the gardens of roses are in your cheeks, and the sun rises from your face. But on the crossroads and leaves, on the stone under the beads of rain, the love fresher than the rain, and the wet and fruit, and write to those who are in love that love, sir and destiny.


Awesome post about rose. Lately I know that the red rose simbolized of love, yellow is friendship and white is represent the peaceful. I don't know clearly are there any black rose in real life or just pattern of sorrow.

You are welcome. :)

The roses are wonderful and their beauty always impresses me. :)

Yes it's the stuff that creates happiness in life

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