Neymar played 'rat-cat' with Barca

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Neymar has paid 30 million euros to Barcelona.
Neimar did not leave Barcelona before August to ensure that the renewal of the bonus was renewed.
• Barcelona have no desire to pay this money.

Neymar has left Barcelona for quite some time. Barcelona have been enjoying the season without the Brazilian forward. Neymar also adapted to the new club. Going round and performing incredible skills. But Barcelona, ​​which has not yet accepted the changes, has understood that two days later Barcelona's vice-president said, Neymar played 'rat-cat' with them in relation to the change.

The buzz was going on from the beginning of July, Neymar leaving the Barca and going to PSG. But Neymar did not say anything about the whole of July. In the pre-season preparatory match for the United States, everyone expects all the opposite to the wonderful exhibition. Barcelona have tried so much to keep Neymar in the team. At least the club's third vice-president, Jordi Maestre, has said, 'I was the one who suffered the most, and we talked with Neymar and his father on the whole trip and the talks were meaningful.'
Neymar opened his mouth after coming to the calendar page in August. He wants to leave Barcelona. Because, there was a condition in the new contract, Neymar would get 30 million euros bonus from Barcelona until July 31. But Barcelona did not give bonus to the player who wanted to leave the club. In the language of Mauret, he played "mice-cat" with us. We have already understood what is going to happen and that is why he did not give bonus for renewal of contract. It is clearly understood that, after leaving the Camp Nou to the team's best player, he went to Park the Princes. He knew Messi could not be trusted if he was in Barcelona. That's what he said. '
No information was heard in the last six months with a bonus of 30 million euros. But in late January, Neymar once again raised his voice over his desist. But Barcelona does not want to reward Neymar, 'Moral and (Neymar) can not claim it because he did not. Had he been given some conditions, then surely they had to fill them! '


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