beautiful flower species

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hallo .. steemian friends all, of course still in good health without lack of anything. On this occasion I will share about the beautiful flower photo with various colors.

The first time I looked at this type of flower I immediately thought that this flower has many types of species so many flower patterns. But do you know my friends! .. it turns out after I researched apparently only one species. What is interesting from each end of the flower stalk can appear a variety of beautiful colors, some are pink, red, white and even a combination of pink and white.

This flower is a rare species I see, the habit is only one color only. Maybe in the place of friends also many species that I have not seen please to be able to share ..


Very beautiful bright flowers.

really a friend .. thanks @disable3

You have a mind like a flower. You have a great choice. Thanks for sharing.

You have a mind like
A flower. You have a great
Choice. Thanks for sharing.

                 - sayemsonai

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

you are very good at praising .. thanks @sayemsonai

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