yellow flowers in the wild

in #flower3 years ago


Yellow is a symbol of joy because of its brightness. In this post I try to take a yellow flower picture. It is this brightness of color that causes me to be very interested in taking pictures and I try to share them with all of my steemit friends.

This flower grows fertile and looks very beautiful with yellow color. Though this flower grows without anyone taking care of it on the banks of the river. At each end of the stalk is clearly visible flower that has bloomed. In one stalk there are many flowers that grow dangling.

So my post this time about the yellow flowers in the wild. Hopefully steemit friends love it.




Bunga kuning luar yang sangat cantik👍.

Butoi that.. kbn na ujung bungoeh Nyoe di Aron ?

Untuk jinoe golom na, ne kirem keuno bacuet.👍

From where t his picture was taken? Your house? Do you have a garden at your house?

not .. this wildflower @sayemsonai, the name alone I do not know. maybe you know?

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