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Hello friends

I hope you are all fine. I am fine here too. In today's post, I have shared with you beautiful Photographs of A view of the beautiful nature behind the pink flowers. This photograph is combination of beautiful pink flowers, White clouds and green Mountains. This photograph is taken during the valley of flowers trekking. This is really beautiful place for flower lovers. White clouds are touching Edge of the mountains in 1st photograph it is really awesome view.

The name of this pink flower is Impatiens Sulcata. Its English name is also Dog Flower. This flower belongs to the genus Balsaminaceae. The flowering time is from June to September. This flower is found mainly in the Valley of Flowers.

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The pink dog flower looks beautiful in the background of green. It rains a lot here in the monsoon. Due to which a green sheet is spread on the mountains. In this photo, you can see that nature is radiant due to this green sheet.

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The green valley behind the pink flowers looks beautiful. Due to the rain, grass has grown on the mountains. Due to which the mountains have become green. The top of the mountain is covered with clouds which makes it a beautiful sight.

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Between these lush green mountains is a beautiful little ladder of stones. Which is the main way to get in and out of this valley. On the side of the small road made of these stones, there are green plants. Which makes this road look beautiful.

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The photo of this flower is lying after the rain. Due to which the point of water can be seen on this flower. In the background of this flower can be seen beautiful mountains of green color. Which makes this photo beautiful.

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Beautiful natural scenery behind small plants. Which is the beauty of these photos. I hope you like these photos.

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The duration of our trek was 6 days. It started from Delhi. We reached Delhi by plane from Ahmadabad. There our tour operator was ready with the vehicle to take us. He took us to Rishikesh from there. The distance from Delhi to Rishikesh is about 265 km. We traveled by bus. And the first night we passed in Rishikesh. Rishikesh is located near Devnagari Haridwar. The distance between the two is about 20 km. Early in the morning we had breakfast and left Rishikesh for Joshimath. The distance between Rishikesh and Joshimath is about 255 km. This is the route we traveled by bus. The road was full of natural beauty. The road passed by mountains, rivers and deep valleys. It was a wonderful opportunity to see the scenery. During this journey we had lunch and reached Joshimath at 4 pm. Shastri, who is knowledgeable and proficient in Shastra, says that Joshimath was the winter home of Lord Badrinath. Lord Badrinath spent his winter time here doing penance. Joshimath is a name derived from Math. This Math was founded by Adi Guru Shri Shankaracharya. This is also a beautiful and sacred place.

At night we stayed at Joshi Math. Started the tour early the next day. This was the 3rd day of our trek. We had to cross 2 camps in this day. And to reach the Valley of Flower base camp. The first stop was to reach Gobindghat from Joshi Math. The distance between the two was 28 km. This traveling also had to be done by vehicle. So we didn't have much trouble reaching the first camp. We reached Gobindghat without any difficulty. There was a mountainous and winding road from Joshi Math to Gobindhat. There were mountains and clouds all around. I also share a few photos from there in this post.

The trek manager asked them all to rest for a while at Gobindghat. Lunch was also arranged there. And it was also suggested that you have to walk to reach the base camp. So eat a little less and he was right. So far the journey was done by vehicle and bus but now this trek started by running. At first glance, it seemed that it would be easy to walk. But when I started walking, I realized that it was not as easy as I thought. The true beginning of this track was now. The distance between Govind Ghat and Ghangria was to be 12 km. Ghangria is the base camp of the Valley of Flower Trek. The difficulty increases when you have to cover this distance and walk with your belongings.

In the beginning it happened that this distance would be easily crossed with luggage. But I realized my mistake when I started from Gobindghat, there were many local men who took money from you and carried the goods with them. But now we had no choice. Now we had to do whatever we could to reach the base camp. Luckily we found a local man on the road who took the money and got ready to pick up the luggage and our job became a little easier. I will never forget this case.

Bhyundaar village came in the road while we kept walking. It is a small village but surrounded by beautiful nature. In this photo, I have also taken a photo of the village. It was now about 4 to 4:30 pm and I was hungry. Then on the way I saw a tea shop and we ate tea and potato wafers there. Maggi noodles were also available there but the fear was that if you ate heavy food you would not be able to walk. Had some breakfast and started walking across the road. After walking for a while, Lakshan Ganga River came and we had to walk along its banks. The walkway was rocky and rugged. So it was very difficult to walk. Eventually we saw a base camp made up of tents. It was a long and tiring day. There we were given 3 tents among 9 people which was arranged by our tour manager. I ate so much at night that I felt so tired that I fell asleep.

Today is the 4th day of the Valley of Flower Trek. Our overnight stay was in Ghangria. Where we had base camp and we were given a tent for overnight stay. What a different experience to spend the night in a tent. The next day was to leave early in the morning. We had breakfast there. Also tied the lunch which was to be taken with us. In the course of 4 days we had to spend the whole day across the Valley of Flowers. The Valley of Flowers was about 4 km from our base camp. We had to walk this journey. In today's travel it is good to carry essentials like water, food and camera.

In the morning we started walking. We had to start today from the way we came back the day before. We crossed the bridge to cross the river Lakshman Ganga there. As the bridge was completed there were 2 lanes falling. A road led to Hemkund Sagar which was the 5th day event in our trek list. And the other way was to the Valley of Flowers which was our program today. Now the road was going downhill. I have shared a few photos of that road. A little further on comes another iron bridge over the Pushpavati river. This river goes further and joins the river Lakshman Ganga. As we cross this bridge, foreign flowers begin. It is said that the valley of flowers begins here. For those who know flowers, this place is a paradise. The road ahead becomes narrower from the side. Now the descent into the valley has also begun. As we descend into the valley that there is a meadow of flowers, this meadow is very vast. Looking at the ground, it looks like someone is grooming these flowers. But nature does its grooming.

Day 5 begins. As usual, we wake up, have breakfast and get ready according to the instructions of the tour organizer. Today is the day to visit Hemkund.
Hemkund is located at an altitude of 4100 m. Hemkund means cold lake. Which is surrounded by peaks of ice. This is one of the most sacred places in India. The lake is frozen here in the cold season. The photo at the beginning of this post is from Hemkund. Gurudwara and Laxman temple are located on the shores of the lake. This is the sacred demeanor of the Sikh people. He believes that Guru Gobind Saheb meditated here in a previous birth. So all the Sikhs come to bathe in this lake. After visiting this place, we went back to the base camp trap. I will give you more information in this post in the next post. In which I will describe the 5th day well.

These photos were taken during the Valley of Flowers trek. The Valley of flower is located in the Chamoli District Uttarakhand state India. Height of this valley is 3300 to 3650 meters above sea level.

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Thank you for visit.


The harmony between the focus on the flower and the background of the green mountain is very beautiful!!

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