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Hello steemians . Season for a vibrant colors and beautiful flowers again . Today I walked around in our town and took some photos.

Good timing I have seen that Miss @flamingirl is running a contest about Flower Power Photo. So I thought of joining and this is my Entry.
While walking, this small species wild flowers caught my attention


Dandelion Bulb

Dandelions (scientific name Taraxacum officinale) it is a perennial plant.
Perhaps your thinking there are so much more beautiful and well take care flower to submit but why this ? I think this small beautiful flower deserve sometimes attention .

I love wild flowers too. Inspite that no one take care of them but yet they are strong and survivor and beautiful , like a strong experienced person that can stand storm in life.


Full Bloomed

Caught this little fella walking around on the small flower.
I made some retouch using editors to add more mood on the photo.

These photos are taken by me and used the Canon 77D with Sigma 18-35 f 1.8 Lens ..

Thank you for dropping by , And till in my next Blog/Vlog.



Soon I have this yellow flowers here also, in summer it come lot here. 😋👌

[email protected] for late reply.. that's cool , they are sweet and wild . I should check your photos :)

Hi :)) And Thank you!! it is ok ... we all need some time to do something :)

And I start make some cool logos.. if you want you go look :)

Yes indeed it is crazy busy day for me lately..

Oh that's cool! yes I loved to check.

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Just look you also rest :) otherwise you can get a headache by the end of the day :)

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Thank you :)

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Best of luck to you and your photo. Good to you to achieve and win in this competition.

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Thanks @mihirbarot. Apparently seems I resteemed the wrong post of her so I guess I'm disqualified. Yahhh ahahha. Well never mind. I joined also for fun and to practise my photography.