Another Picture of the Bird of Paradise

in #flowerslast year

A week ago I posted a Picture of our Bird of paradise. This new picture shows how it has grown more head "Feathers"

It is such an amazing plant.
It couldn't look more like a bird.

Here is a reminder of how she was.

How vivid is the Orange. Amazing.

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Very Pretty yes Marion 😁

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do you think I could grow one indoors? Thank you so very much. Now I have to see if I can find it in this Province. That may be quite unlikely and I would wait till back in Toronto, perhaps a better chance. But I will search it out. Thank you.

I have never grown from seed. But yes they grow indoors but I think they would need plenty of light by a window or in a conservatory.
So If you could find a small plant, give it a go 😁

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A conservatory my my. I have lots of light here and windows. I have a whole wall of windows that faces west. That could work. Conservatory lol.

I'm not much into plants and flowers. However I just wanted to visit your profile and show my support so ... upvote on the way :)

Catch it Andy :)

Thanks Piotr. Appreciated.
Always good to hear from you 😁

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