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RE: Photographs Of Flowers Help Take The Edge Off Of Winter

in #flowers4 years ago

How tiny Bird!!!
Your photography is so Beautiful..i think you are a proffasional photographer..i like your photography.. @r2cornellDQmSE2msFk7mE4TJKZHmg75gDYqKmLEC6hZsTSsZEMSs4ow_1680x8400.jpg


You are right @applo

I am not a professional that is for sure. But i always strive to learn more. I just try to capture the beauty i see.
I Am Glad You Liked My Post.

I have seen a nest of a humming bird only once. It is very small

Obviously i like your photography...its so amazing & i also say that now you are update because at a time your photography are changed ..Now you capture from DSLR...

Go Ahead @r2cornell we are all with you..Happy steeming..

thank you for kind words and appreciation

These pictures are beautiful and lovely... I truly love seeing this kinda things, thanks for feeding my eyes with these amazing beauties...thanks for sharing....

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