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RE: Time to think Spring

in #flowers4 years ago

Hi SIR @r2cornell hope you are doing fine. Ive seen your whole blog and concluded that you are posting few and far. May be you have got a very busy routine in your life.

These spring flowers are amazing and touché she to the heart. Cause I am also one who loves spring season the most. Spring is always lovable by every person and you made this post with love, the love shows towards flowers. Awesome 😊


Thank you for reviewing my blog. I am hoping to be more active from here on...I am slowing down a little in my life. Looking forward to being active outdoors and in my wood shop.

I see you are new on Steemit. Let me know when you blog something. I would love to check it out

Hi sir @r2cornell, I'm currently learning this platform that's how it works that's why i see your post from someone's profile and got your blog which is really precious.

I just write about myself on my blog. You can review it 😍

It will be honor for me 😊

I looked at your blog. Very good introduction. Hope you do some more original photographs, maybe more of your area which might include photos of architecture, people, and of course plant life is always nice!

Check your wallet. I left you some instructions on powering up steem.

Thank you sir! I have checked ☺️