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RE: Time to think Spring

in #flowers4 years ago

Waoooooo amazing collection... Love all these shots.. I was waiting for your post long time.. I think you were busy.. This was elk glore who calling me and i was visiting you daily for your next post.. Thanx god you are back and with so nice collection.. Resteem you so i ll remember you.. Actually when i saw your post i forgot to resteem and folow as my daughter was started weeping and i missed your post after taht when i back i made alot of efforts to found you on steemit.. Thanks god i succeed.. And since then i was waiting for something from you.. Today i was busy in my daughters hbd.. You can cheq my post and enjoy it.. Your father gave you very precious gift.. Color of flowers is stunning.. Thanx for sharing beautiful article


Thank you. Glad you found my post. I resteem some just so I can find them quickly. I seem to barely keep up with responding to replies and I sometimes for get to go and review followers blogs.

Yeah you are genrous man..Same here.. Few days ago this thing came in my mind.. Now i resteemed all good postz and cheq them on daily basis. I reply each and every comment. As i think its against courtesy and genrsty to avoid and did not reply some ones blessings or visit... God bless you.. Have a good day

Good evening..
I have some words for you in my last yellow flower post.. I ll be Glad to see you there..