about the flowers and the beauty

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imageYes flower is beautiful! Certainly. I am just an ordinary flower just say the flowers are beautiful ^^. Flowers can beautify our room and our yard. Often we see that the flower so sweetener room. The usual room so looks kece because there are flowers there.

Yes, the flowers are romantissss banget. It can likens the message of one's feelings. Often when a boyfriend or spouse to give us flowers just to show if he is the same love we cieeee cieee cieee ... Yang nerima bungapun heart so do not tune duarr ... flowery ...
Usually if the graduation is also there is a flower love, well the flower is like to say congratulations. Or flowers for couples like the message 'i love you' * cough.

The flower of the love sign, without the flower of life is meaningless..ceileeeh
There are some very fragrant flowers when placed in the room. We do not need fragrances. Origin is often changed the interest, let it smell good. This is often used in offices. Even now, many online flower shops that are so partners office to be a sweetener and air freshener or just to convey a person's feelings.
Flowers as a sweetener and air freshener

The flower has a myth
Well loh, this rada-rada jadul ya .. Can be trusted or not, but usually many who still nyobain myth ... Like he said if you want cepet married eh marriage, if pas diacara nikahan take the wedding flowers ... If girls take flowers dikeris guy, if the guy take the flowers bun women. He said he said, can nyepetin marriage cepet nyusulnya crique ... he said .. Oh yeah, pas ngambil interest it can not ketauan pengantinnya image

Anyone ever prove it ???
Flowers can also mean many symbols and myths depending on the species. As diupacara death usually there are flowers popi, iris and lilies, or flowers symbol of love like a rose (rose) and daisy flowers are interpreted the sanctity of the heart.

The flower is really chick
If this is not negotiable then? The flower is indeed identical with the girl .. Rada strange if suddenly there is a guy who receives the flowers trus heart flower gimanaaaa so ... or see the guy who kissed the flowers until seenin people: D .. Weird? Hence, flowers are still synonymous with girls ..

The meaning of the flower itself according to wikipedia is a culture structure (reproduction tool) in angiosperms. So maybe that's why also close to the same girl yes: D. image


I love the little dandelion, they're blooming up in our yard.

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