Celebrating the rain

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Dipladenia, a South American trumpet vine

After weeks of heatwaves, we finally got our first real rains for the summer although of course now our national power grid is on the verge of collapse because the coal that fires the plants is all wet and we are facing another round of rolling blackouts....


I was waiting impatiently for the rains, to plant out my brinjal seedlings. Although they recovered well from being separated, they need time for their root systems to re-establish and a week of rainy weather will make this transition into the garden much easier.

I was in the supermarket the other day and I noticed that they were selling Amadumbe, aka Taro potatoes that are sprouting so I bought a few to pop into the garden. It's a little sunny and dry here, they prefer the tropics but I will see if they manage.


Just to upset @blacklux, here are some more pink flowers that I bought to go in the new garden outside the cottage that I am renovating. Some type of pelargonium


talking of renovating, I left some chipboard outside in the rain and now it has sprouted orange mould. I don't know what it is but I think it counts for #fungifriday

orange fungi.jpg

Finally, I leave you with a tiny baby locust that I found lurking on the roses the other day. Although they are pests, the only creatures that I actively exterminate in the garden are snails and slugs




The coal that fires the plants is wet? That almost sounds made up! The taro sounds interesting, always fun to try something new.

Sounds like rain is a double-edged sword for you. Good luck with the potatoes and I love the baby locust on the rose. : )

Thanks! Yes, that baby locust is cute

I'm very envious...still waiting here.

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The fires and weather reports for you guys look really bad. I hope it changes soon

I'm very lucky and unaffected.....but thank you!!!

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Oh! No! That power grid seems to be playing dice!

Your fungi day photo is rather nice! LoL

Yes the fungi is really odd stuff

I hope that with the onset of rains, your flowers will bloom with renewed vigor.

They will for sure

Just to upset blacklux

hahahaha 8-)

the #fungifriday part isnt convincing in terms of photo-beauty, but intresting as as story. how much time did that board spend outside?.. (maybe the photo would look better as a decent macro...)

the last photo looks special and superb.
i wish a happy new gardening season to you!

It's not photo beauty, just weird orange shit. Because: why not? The board was not long in the rain, just 3 days of non-stop rain. For a decent macro, I would have to have a decent camera. Sadly, I must make do with what I have.
Thanks, I am enjoying the growing season

no no no offence! I agree with you on that, dont get me wrong. I do not reproach you for slipping me orange shit! I’m just saying that macro lens (possibly) could help make this shit more sympatico and appeal-looking

Love the shot of the trumpet vine flower with the droplets. I had one locust (grasshopper) here last summer and he didn’t do much harm- just a few nibbles off some plant leaves. 😊

Yes, they aren't that bad compared to the snails

Me encanta el rosa de tu rosa, es bella. Me gustan tus flores mojadas.
Eso no es una papa, es un ocumo. La papa necesita sol pero el ocumo necesita mucha agua. Aunque se que sabes mucho de esto.

I love the rose of your rose, it's beautiful. I like your wet flowers.
That is not a potato, it is an occumo. The potato needs sun but the occumo needs a lot of water. Although I know you know a lot about this.

Thank you!
We call anything with an edible tuber a potato ;) Thanks for the tip about watering< I will make sure that it gets plenty

Ah, ok, es una costumbre. Aquí lo sembramos donde tenga una fuente constante de agua.

Ah, ok, it's a custom. Here we sow it where it has a constant source of water.

Something how a little water can awaken life...

How dare youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu?! I will use sunglasses so they look red! REEEED! Pink is evil, EVIL!!

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