Time to think Spring

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I have been extra busy so far in January. Looks to be settling down for awhile. I have so many responses to my posts and new followers. I have noticed a trend on lots of flowers posted in your replies. I love it! I also thank you for them, and for your interest in my blog. So many kind words. I also appreciate your patience when I am slow in responding to what you write and your up-vote (cannot forget the re-steeming).

I came up with the title because my father would always end his letters to me with : "Think Spring" when writing me during the winter!

Here in North Idaho winter is still going strong. Had a temporary thaw, but this morning it is snowing again. What better time to post more flower pictures I have taken. Some are a few years old and taken with one of the first affordable digital cameras. I believe only 7 pixels. Some were taken with my phone. Might be a one or two with my newer Cannon Rebel.

Hope you enjoy. This first one was fromn a plant that my father gave me a few years before he passed. I have not been able to get any delphiniums to grow properly since:


In anticipation of Spring one must include daffodils I may have posted this one before but do like it!

2014-05-08 16.12.04.jpg

This next 2 photo was taken at Manito Park & Botanical Gardens in Spokane, Washington. I need to make a visit this summer so I can get photos with my newer Canon camera:



And to close out this post I have one of the pretties Dahlias I have seen. (of course for me when I first see a flower I think it is the most beautiful flower ever).


Enjoy...I am still pulling together more wildlife video clips to share. I have a lot to go through and pull out those that are different from previous posts.

I appreciate everyone's support. Steem on!


Wow this is amazing photography and I am awaiting to see your videos of the nature around you!


Thank you I appreciate it very much. I have lots of video clips of wildlife, and the surrounding forests and of course my gardens.

I am crazy to watch the nature around you! Hope you will post them soon!
Have a great day ahead!


When all the world appears to be in a tumult, and nature itself is feeling the assault of climate change, the seasons retain their essential rhythm. Yes, fall gives us a premonition of winter, but then, winter, will be forced to relent, once again, to the new beginnings of soft greens, longer light, and the sweet air of spring.

Beautiful photo. And great thoughts on the changes of the seasons.

@r2cornell,sir actually glad to see your comment
always try to follow you ...though i am new in this platform sir,

sir keep in your mind...
always i will support you
god bless you sir

sir here is my new blog ..hope fully you will feel better after see this


thank you sir

i resteem your blog sir...

I love flowers... If you want to win my heart just present a lovely flowers to me..

But, unfortunately my dad loves flowers more then me..

Back then in school I was called flower girl because I never miss a day without putting this flower on my nature hair..
Even my lectures call me flower girl...


Being a "flower girl" is great! flower in your hair is beautiful!

Thank you very much..

Flowers are really beautiful and lovely...
Flower is life...

Good rewords @r2cornell

These pictures are beautiful and lovely... I truly love seeing this kinda things, thanks for feeding my eyes with these amazing beauties...thanks for sharing....

Thank you for your kind words

Wow wonderful
20180119_155400-01-01.jpeg this my work

Very beautiful flower. What is the name of the flower!

i called it "YELLOW QUEEN" 👑 i didn't know the real name i love call things with my own names you can check out my blog and see that lol

It is very beautiful!

I think it is very similar to hibiscus flower. Here it is very popular in red colour as @optama putting on her hair in the first comment. I have Chaptered this yellow hibiscus few days ago.


Wow really very beautiful flower..the name of you called yellow queen is really nice and suatible to this flower...thank you for sharing...

i liked colored flower very much...............i can't but resteemed this post...........love to see this beauty

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This picture is epic! The more you look at it - the more you see.@resteem this post.

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Yes, spring is one of the season that i anxiously wait for it, because there just all around the globe beautiful flower comes all around which adds more flavour to the beauty of the nature, i just simply love the way how flowers are made by GOD, simply tremendous.

Thank you I appreciate it very much. Great thought!

Your warm welcome mate, just keep sharing these amazing bunch of colorfull photos and make our lives colorfull. :)


Hi SIR @r2cornell hope you are doing fine. Ive seen your whole blog and concluded that you are posting few and far. May be you have got a very busy routine in your life.

These spring flowers are amazing and touché she to the heart. Cause I am also one who loves spring season the most. Spring is always lovable by every person and you made this post with love, the love shows towards flowers. Awesome 😊

Thank you for reviewing my blog. I am hoping to be more active from here on...I am slowing down a little in my life. Looking forward to being active outdoors and in my wood shop.

I see you are new on Steemit. Let me know when you blog something. I would love to check it out

Hi sir @r2cornell, I'm currently learning this platform that's how it works that's why i see your post from someone's profile and got your blog which is really precious.

I just write about myself on my blog. You can review it 😍

It will be honor for me 😊

I looked at your blog. Very good introduction. Hope you do some more original photographs, maybe more of your area which might include photos of architecture, people, and of course plant life is always nice!

Check your wallet. I left you some instructions on powering up steem.

Thank you sir! I have checked ☺️

love it dhalia...................amazing

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Thank you for sharing your flower


download (4).jpg

Thank you for sharing this picture and thank you for visiting my blog.

same flowers


Thank you for sharing this beautiful picture!

you are welcome.
you are good man sir




thanks @scilwa

i am glad that you love it

hey.. @r2cornell..
sir it's some analysis of spring....

Spring is one of the four conventional temperate seasons, following winter and preceding summer. There are various technical definitions of spring, but local usage of the term varies according to local climate, cultures and customs. When it is spring in the Northern Hemisphere, it will be autumn in the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa. At the spring equinox, days are approximately 12 hours long with day length increasing as the season progresses.

Spring and "springtime" refer to the season, and also to ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. Subtropical and tropical areas have climates better described in terms of other seasons, e.g. dry or wet, monsoonal or cyclonic. Often, cultures have locally defined names for seasons which have little equivalence to the terms originating in Europe. Spring is the time when many plants begin to grow and flower..


thank you..sir...
love it..


Thank you. Great thoughts.

Waoooooo amazing collection... Love all these shots.. I was waiting for your post long time.. I think you were busy.. This was elk glore who calling me and i was visiting you daily for your next post.. Thanx god you are back and with so nice collection.. Resteem you so i ll remember you.. Actually when i saw your post i forgot to resteem and folow as my daughter was started weeping and i missed your post after taht when i back i made alot of efforts to found you on steemit.. Thanks god i succeed.. And since then i was waiting for something from you.. Today i was busy in my daughters hbd.. You can cheq my post and enjoy it.. Your father gave you very precious gift.. Color of flowers is stunning.. Thanx for sharing beautiful article

Thank you. Glad you found my post. I resteem some just so I can find them quickly. I seem to barely keep up with responding to replies and I sometimes for get to go and review followers blogs.

Yeah you are genrous man..Same here.. Few days ago this thing came in my mind.. Now i resteemed all good postz and cheq them on daily basis. I reply each and every comment. As i think its against courtesy and genrsty to avoid and did not reply some ones blessings or visit... God bless you.. Have a good day

Good evening..
I have some words for you in my last yellow flower post.. I ll be Glad to see you there..


sir @r2cornell sir...
actually i wanna say something about you and your blog....actually lot of followers are increasing gradually day by day....because of your personality.
in these blog.... you are posting such kinds of natural view like flowers...
i think in this world...there is no one person who does't love flower...
that's why they reply with lot's of colourful flower with you...
it's just amazing....
and you are a person...that you reply also with good personality....

keep it up sir...we follow you always...
keep in your mind...
love to read your post...


Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it!

Wow! so lovely flower man.i like it.
Thanks for share and i will always support and upvote you.

Thank you very much.

I love Flowersimages (1).jpgThanks for Spring Post.Upvote and Resteemed

Thank you for sharing the picture of Daffodils. Always a sure sign Spring is in full "bloom"

waaoow i love the spring these colourful flowers add more colour to the beauty of nature and now i am waiting to saw all these beautiful flowers... <3

Your father gave you very precious gift.. Color of flowers is stunning.. Thanx for sharing beautiful article

Thank you very much.

I Love Gardening.images (2).jpg.
Hope You like My Gardening..........
Great photography.This nature is awesome Dear.

Very nice. It is amazing what you can grow in a small space. I have a lot of space, but still use containers for flowers and some vegetables.

There's nothing special,I just buy some flower tree when it was little.I just take care of it and give them some water morning and evening.

We also have winter season right now just like North Idaho but spring season is the most admirable and fantastic season of the world. There are so many colorful flowers and much more to see in the spring season. We always appreciate good and colorful things, in other ways, it actually tempted us in no time, that's the beauty of life, even a colorful life.

You've taken a very good pictures using mobile and Canon Rebel. I don't have enough money to buy Canon that's why I always used my smartphone for taking colorful flower images which I've shared on my blog. So, I'm happy you're relevant to my niche. I would love to follow @r2cornell . :)

Thank you for your kind words. Maybe you can earn enough on Steemit to get the camera of your dreams. It took me a few years of saving, and cryptocurrencies aided in the process. I looked at some of the photos on your blog. Very good!

Yeah, I noticed that you upvoted me on two of mine posts and I'm thankful to you. I'm sure that I can get Cannon with the help of steemit earning. Let's see what happened in the future. :)

Thank you for your kind words.Love to hear from your side every time. :)

images (11).jpg

Thank you for sharing this picture. I love it!

Wow nice flower. We making this flower.and this is vary nice

Thank you. Great photo you shared.

Very Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I see you are are new to Steemit. Post something (an introduction would be nice) and I will resteem for you.

What beautiful flowers! I love the violet ones, I can almost smell them now! Think spring!

Thank you. Glad you enjoyed!

Beautiful flower photos. Keep up the good work

Thank you

amazing post ..re-steem

Thank you very much. And, thank you for the resteem

Pet with beautiful flower.......

Wonderful place you had and the camera does the magic for you would have never seen such amazing thing's in life for sure that's quite awesome to be honest.

Sometime flower makes them close

Last month I was buying a floral center piece for the holidays and a young man approached me and told me he was getting together with a lady he recently met and asked if I thought a similar floral arrangement would be appropriate to bring when he went to her place for a holiday meal. I said if you really like the young lady by all means yes it is appropriate. I then reminded him that if he really liked her he better plan on buying flowers periodically. He laughed and said yes he did really like her and he would remember to continue bringing her flowers as their relationship continued to whatever end. I hope they make it to the age of this couple and is continuing as I suggested. :o)


Beautiful flowers. The flowers go well with this young lady!

every photos really nic... super post


Gorgeous woman/flower combination. Innocence is what first comes to mind

This is for you sir.

Wow! so lovely flower man.i like it.

wow this flower is very beautiful sir
thanks for sharing sir
i really fill glade for you
have a nice day sir

Excellent photography and exquisite shots colorful :)

Hey, lovely flowers. Your lucky, you are surrounded with flowers and landscape, I am surrounded with match boxes of endless buildings 😄

Thanks for the lovely photos.

Thank you. I tried city living when I was younger, but with roots in a very rural area and on a farm my heart always yearned for the country.

keep calm and see this...you will feel better.


Flowers can be an expression of what is in your heart when given freely without expectation! Thank you for sharing! It adds to my post and blog.

I'm also found of spring season, I'm loveing these awesome colourful pictures which touches my heart entirly, yellow flowers attract me alot, thank you for sharing with us. This is called nature of beauty.

Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed.

You'r wellcome :)

Flower see a beautiful...love person are most accepted the flower,,

Thank you I appreciate it very much.

If winter comes, can spring be far behind?

Spring is getting closer. I am starting to think about planting time. Will start my indoor garden soon. I started cleaning up the space I grow in doors.

that's great, i think everybody needs a hobby...

My garden :) And this for you DEAR @r2cornell



Beautiful rose!

yea i know

This is for u. Cuz u love flowers and Gardening :):)

I am inspired to gardening for you sir...please check my Blog & help me @r2cornell


Are you like this flowers???

ha ha ha @nuralomislam
your flower is bangaladeshi gadha..? i am sure..

oiii kana tor theke amar follower inek besi hobe dekhe nis @black35

your all blog are so nice
i am big fan of you and your blog sir
thanks for sharing
have a nice day sir

Thank you. And, thank you for your kind words.

images (10).jpg

When the crocus break through the earth (and sometimes snow) you definitely know Spring is close! Thanks for sharing


Beautiful. It is always nice to bring fresh flowers indoors.

wow amazing post i like it..every flower so nice and mind touch color sir

wow so colorfull flower...like it.

When it's winter we sometimes need a few reminders how beautiful the nature looks when it's no longer winter! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. Feeling the good vibes of spring immediately :)

Thank you. Yes we do need reminders of Spring to get us through the final stretch of winter. I enjoy all of the seasons, but as we approach a new season I always start looking forward to it.

What joy is there in the air in the sky, in the spring, in the morning, everybody swings in the morning, all the flowers in the morning, and the birds sing,
Spring is like another, your garden and flowers look like spring has come,
spring time is a great time for all,
you are a great man, i like you always,
Thank you, sir

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Thank you I appreciate it very much. great thoughts!

Wow amazing @r2cornell

ring with gorgeous flower
love it
for you

Beautiful rings. Thank you for sharing

super post super and nice flower...re-steem

Thank you I appreciate it very much.

upvoted and resteem,,, bro

Thank you I appreciate it very much.

nice flower smart post tnx fot share..re-steem

Thank you I appreciate it very much.

this is amazing as i was waiting for your post and finally i got some great things to see thanks for posting ...


Mind blowing picture nice color so nice flower