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RE: Photographs Of Flowers Help Take The Edge Off Of Winter

in #flowers4 years ago

hey @r2cornell, welcome back with great sensation....with colourful photography
..colourful flowers...that is amazing...feel like like better more than previous...

resteem done


do you like this kind of flower @r2cornell?????IMG_20180127_114956.jpg

Yes. Lovely flower. What variety is it? Thank you for visiting my blog

all of your post is always so beautiful,so i regularly follow your blog. love to read it..........

@r2cornell sir, actually i am so much glad to see your post . just love it...
keep it up..

resteem done

gift for you @r2cornel:-)
this flowers in my garden


Thank you. Is this a Salvia?

Thank you , and thank you for the resteem

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