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Good morning everyone and I wish you all a good day. I will share my morning story with you today. I hope my readers will like my story.Just as it is normal for human life to happen all the time, it is also natural for a new day to begin day after night.

Since I am a working man I always try to prepare myself mentally and to be mentally ready I maintain some aspects like wake up in the morning then do light exercise and try something in natureTime to walk because the gentle breeze in the morning is very beneficial for the body.
I woke up early this morning and went for a quick walk. Today I went for a walk. There is a pond very close to my house. The pond gets very rainy in that full season and then some lotus flowers bloom in the rain water.Since it is naturally born, their beauty is also a little different. This morning I tried to walk around the pond because the beauty of this eye-catching flower has become very light in the gentle breeze.
As I was walking along the side of the pond, I saw that the beauty of flowers attracts some beauty in such a way that if you don't go to it, it seems that there is a lot leftTo enjoy and since I am a nature lover I have devoted myself to the beauty of flowers.Walking this morning, I got peace from him as much as I got peace from seeing flowers from him and being fascinated by the beauty of flowers.
For now, I have a good morning to go to work mentally ready and I have tried to spend time like myself. I am giving this small gift to everyone. I hope all the friends here are good to meI wish you all a happy Wednesday and I wish you all the best.20200915_23061001.jpeg

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