My 3rd Steemgigs|Discord Talkshow with Surpassinggoogle

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Hello steem friends,

Too much FOMO = MO

MO=Missing out.

A @vlog can constitute @ulog

Today's discord talk show with @surpassinggoogle

Missing out =MO can give you a hint on what I'm gonna be detailing on this post, although I'm not going to write much at this time.

If you wish to be part of this awesome and live impacting talkshows simply click to join on the steemgogs discord link below and join the talkshow every Saturday 5pm Nigerian Time and every Sunday 12am Manila Philippines time.

- Steemgigs discord talkshow link

Mr.Terry @surpassinggoogle talked about a lot of things,

  • First I have to talk about the ones that affects me more, How do I attract a whale to my blog.

He detailed this in a single line sentence which is pay attention to steemit page.

Those present will understand more please next time don't MO=Miss Out, Click on the link above.

  • Steem is not money when you understand this your success comes more.

This was totally a great insight he I learned from him today.
Money is only a bonus you get for being creative on this platform. Steemit is totally beyond money.

He said this to clarify this, what if Steem is sold for 7 cents will you still be on Steemit.
The yes will only be in the mouth of those that understands that Steemit is beyond just ordinary cash we get.

Tackle this basic things and freedom will enter your game,And you will sower and when you sower you will be flying.Money should seek you because of your value and not you going after money.

  • When you acquire common sense to your Steemit gain many things will adjust for better.
    And aside that you will also acquire an edge.
    This is another awesome lesson I learned from Mr. Terry @surpassinggoogle today.
  • Life ha a redundant information in an anonymous head.Every missing piece in your puzzle may just lie on that head.
    This actually sounded funny when he started explaining it. He said no matter how your head is, it must fit in a helmet.

  • Minnows are whales inside

Here he tried to enlighten us using his life experience as a minnow.
He told us how minnows upvote could add to a post visibility because of how they scout for information.

Now the question for us all.

  • Can I be successful on Steemit with just a phone?
    Sure we can just give it a testimonial essence, make it special and it will do wonders.
    It is high time we learnt how to make positive declarations on our mobile device and it will work for us that way.

Finally I gained something tangible in all and above all I want to thank @surpassinggoogle for giving the platform for five people to get a Steemit account approval and I sent the account of my brother @kizzionline who registered yesterday to get quick approval through @maverickinvictus.

Many people were present on the talkshow like
@sn0white @purpledaisy57 @nexrules @eunireal1 @jenny018 @cryptopie @mermaidvampire @juviemay @maverickinvictus @surpassinggoogle @dynamicgreentk and as I'm typing this post I'm still on the show but I can't sing because I'm not a good singer.
So many amazing voices and much fun still on the show feel free to join now.

I am @chibuzorwisdom.

See you on the show


This is great boss. I actually just submitted my article too. The show was great with so many things to learn

Thank you boss @michaeljerry0, 5 hours on a talkshow is something worth celebrating at all time. @surpassinggoogle has actually given us minnows a hope and reason to smile by always making our day. See you same time next week for another wonderful episode. I'm optimistic about it always.

It was a great opportunity having you around boss. Keep being amazing.

And there's need for common sense too 😂😂

Big Bro Terry is a humorous person

Hahhaha boss @nexrules it was really fun having you around too.

Thanks bro. You the boss man 🙌🙌

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This is great boss. I actually just submitted my article too. The show was great with so many things to learn

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