Delicious Ice Cream Serving at Young Coconut Shells

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hello steemian friend .... If Jakarta has Ragusa ice cream, then in Pontianak there is A-Ngie ice cream. The uniqueness of this ice cream lies in its presentation on pieces of young coconut shells. Serving ice cream with coconut flesh makes a dish that invites the sensation and arouse the taste to immediately try it


The freshness of ice cream with delicious fruit taste makes this A-Ngie ice cream tempting anyone to taste it. There are 6 variants of the flavor offered from this ice cream is chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, durian, cempedak and jackfruit. Alloy freshness of ice and sweetness of the aroma of fruit makes this ice cream an attraction for anyone who comes to the store on Jalan K.S. Tubun, Pontianak, West Kalimantan.

The presentation of this ice cream also looks quite beautiful. In the upper layer there is ice cream and the next layer contains red beans, jelly, grass, and black sticky rice. In the bottom layer there is a young coconut meat that is still attached to the shell and can be picked using a spoon. Interestingly, buyers can combine two flavors of ice cream at the same time at the top


The soft texture of ice cream is so delicious when it melts in our mouths. Especially the heat of this Equatorial City makes thirst in thirst so quickly come and with a dish of ice cream on top of young coconut shells to be a proper dish for the release of thirst. Enjoying a serving of A-Ngie ice cream in the blazing hot afternoon makes a dry throat disappear and replaces it with the coldness of this Pontianak ice cream.

Content of clean ingredients and without preservatives make this ice cream so healthy to enjoy. The price of ice cream is also relatively affordable, for one serving of ice-cream A-Ngie is sold at a price of Rp. 15,000 to Rp. 20,000 all depends on the taste that suits your taste. If visiting Pontianak do not forget to stop by A-Ngie ice cream shop in KS area. Tubun, Pontianak.

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