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hello steemian friend .... Sambai Asam Udeung is a typical Aceh cuisine made from boiled shrimp that is chopped small and flavored with spices flavored sour and spicy. In one of Aceh's restaurants in Jakarta, udeung acid is popularly known as sambal marijuana. This is due not at all because these foods contain marijuana, but because this sauce makes addictive people who eat it.
This udeung acid other than as a side dish to be eaten with warm rice, but also suitable to be used as a side dish of Sie Reuboh (boiled meat) - other typical aceh cuisine. Choice of meat, among others, is a goat or cow that is boiled with vinegar, then dried and fried crisp. This cuisine can be synonymous with a kind of jerky, but with the inside of the meat is still moist

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