Tupelo Honey

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Tupelo Honey pic.jpg

I received a really special gift recently, a small jar of Tupelo Honey from Winter Park Honey www.winterparkhoney.com

This honey is not widespread because it comes from the blossoms of the white tupelo tree which does not have a broad growth area. One location is in the Florida panhandle along the Apalachicola River. This area has the highest population of the white tupelo tree on earth. Tupelo Honey season is very short, three weeks in a good year and is adversely affected by weather and loss of growth land.

This honey has a high fructose level and in a pure state does not crystallize. It is hard to get truly pure tupelo honey because the bees, though they are strategically placed close the trees, can still access other nectar sources close by. The honey needs to be harvested right after the flowers fall off the trees to try to control purity.

The honey I received is a beautiful golden color with a slight undertone of green. The scent is mildly herbal/floral. The taste is not overpoweringly sweet with an herbal tone, clean. It has a soft aftertaste that does not linger.

This honey really was lovely. I appreciated that it was not super sweet and I liked the hint of herbal. If the color green has a taste this type of subtle herb would be it.

It you ever get the chance to try Tupelo Honey, do it! It is a pleasant experience.

Speaking of honey, today was the monthly beekeeping class at the Valley Hive in the San Fernando Valley, just northwest of Los Angeles. I'm putting my notes together and will report on that very soon.


I bet this would be great over some cornbread. Let us know when you crack it open!

There is nothing like nice hot toast with unsalted butter and honey. I bet this honey would be delicious like that!!

This sounds like a great thing to collect whenever out of town.

Have you tried wildflower honey? I wonder how different it is from region to region.

Hello my friend, your beekeeping class knew that it was close
The colors and flavors of honey are properties of the nectar collected by bees, not the bees that produce honey
you had days without telling me about a new honey I like how you explain its flavor, it was really an excellent gift for those who love the world of bees

When I see the photo I like it in a jar where this honey comes as well as if it is labeled, now every time I am at some place I see a honey I remember you although honey is not so easy here, there is not much variety

Nice. Local honey is great for so many things, plus the good stuff never expires.

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I think this would be my favorite honey I like the idea that it is not so sweet, I do not like the sweet things so much I do not end up eating the things that are very sweet for me, it hurts that I am so far away but I would buy several of these to eat with pancakes

Good Night, friend