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Yes, that’s right… but there is just one small thing to mention…

that it was in the early 19th century when oysters where very cheap and used to be the poor people's meal.

poverty and oysters always seem to go together"

said Charles Dickens in his “Pickwick Papers”

So, last weekend I thought why not to turn for a while into a poor man and get some oysters – the simplest and the best food.

By the way, each oyster is a great source of vitamins and important elements like iron, zinc and selenium. It is rich in protein and amino acids and can be considered as aphrodisiac.

You can eat fresh oysters or cook them the way you like. They can be baked, fried, stewed, roasted even used in drinks. As for me, I prefer raw.

Opening oysters is not such a big deal, but requires some skills and special knife, like this

and it's good if you have oyster glove, but if not, don't worry because usual towel will be more than enough to protect your hand.
It's not necessary to apply too much force in order to open shell and it is very important to shuck oysters just before you are ready to eat them.

then some ice is needed.

You might like to spritz just a little lemon juice on or a tiny amount of cocktail sauce, like Soy souces or Tabasco.

Of course a glass of good white wine will be fine.

But in my opinion, a pint of Guinness would be much better.

And my last advice: taste oysters when you are really hungry and don't mix them with any other food. It should be just oysters.

Bon Appetit !!!


Oh my... Hey, guy! What is going on today?? It is just the middlw of the week. How to survive until the week-end? ))))

Those oysters look delicious!

Fantastic photos!!

These oysters look tasty. I also add them to my dressing/stuffing at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Also try a fried oyster poorboy with slaw on top. Very good.

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