Level Up Fried Tempeh With Spices

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Most simple things can make us happy instead of expensive things that sometimes don't fit us.

So it is with food. The taste of a plate of simple dishes can certainly touch the happiness on your tongue.


With a note, you must be free from stress because stress can keep even the slightest happiness away from within you.


So this time I will share a simple fried tempeh recipe but I am sure you will love the simplicity of it.

If you have ever seen the recipe for crispy fried tempeh wrapped in flour, then this time I will not share a recipe that is similar to that.


I don't use flour at all. Here to make fried tempeh special, I use some of the spices.

Seasoning ingredients


  • Turmeric Powder
  • Coriander Powder
  • Candlenut powder
  • Pepper
  • Salt

The dosage for these spices is adjusted according to the needs when used as a tempeh mixture. Dissolve little by little water for the portion of tempeh you want to fry.


Correct the taste of the spices to avoid being too salty.

How to make

  • After dissolving the spice ingredients, then cut the tempeh into pieces but not too thin and not too thick either.



  • Dip the tempeh pieces on the liquid seasoning.


Turn the tempeh back and forth and let the tempeh briefly in the spice solution so that the spices soak into the tempeh.

  • Heat the oil, then fry the tempeh until browned.


  • Remove and serve with the sauce of your choice.


Soy sauce or hot sauce can complement the savory fried tempeh.



What the fried tempeh dish that still carries the simplicity of the menu in rural communities. But the delicacy, you would never expect the taste to be as simple as it looks.


Do you like fried tempeh as a snack or as a side dish?


Kelihatannya enak nih 😋

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