We really need some kind of SBD/Steem loadable card man.

Imagine if someone handled the IT side of that and YOU designed the face of the card.

I'd be all in brother.

Great idea Barry. I was just reading a blog by that Kevin Wong guy today and he was talking about how people do not tend to invest in Steem but instead keep taking out and that causes "bleeding" as he put it. A card that we could top up would go a some way in remedying that.
If they wanted me to design the face then I would use your face on there, You are definitely one of the faces of steemit in my eyes man : )

So many people here dislike me, mostly the collusive types and some of the people who think they are elite.

I am Blue Collar to the end my man, you are so kind to me.

If I get that professional pizza taster gig in the UK I applied for, I will be closer to you and I would be working there one day a week.