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RE: Bina's Yeast Rolls (with recipe)

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I had no idea the flour you use for bread machine is different from regular flour, okay, I actually had no idea that there is something like a "break machine flour". What is the difference between the bread machine flour (and other bread machine ingredients) and the regular ones?

What a great story you have with this family recipe, you must have had a feeling of your mother-in-law while you successfully created that recipe. I am so so glad you didn't give up on it, thanks so much for sharing this secret recipe with us.😊

She was a beautiful woman, with great kitchen skills. And more, I am sure!😊


The flour and yeast for bread machines are quick acting. I didn't look it up but if I remember right the flour has a higher gluten content. The gluten is what creates the stretchy texture that holds the bubbles the yeast creates, making the bread rise. Don't tell anyone but the batch in the photos was made with regular flour. I forgot to reach behind it to get the bread flour and didn't notice until we ate them and they were denser than they should be. The next day I made another batch with bread flour and they were light and tender.

My mother in law was amazing. My husband's dad was career military and he would get shipped off somewhere and she would follow him, after arranging the packing, traveling with their four young children! She was a good officer's wife and loved to entertain, helpful for his career. I loved that woman! And yes, I felt her spirit beside me when I was figuring out her recipe!

I really had no idea... The high gluten content could be it! 🤐 my lips are sealed, not gonna share that secret with anyone😉. The result one get for not using bread flour is a much denser rolls, then...

What an amazing woman! She sure has made great sacrifices for her family. It is not something just anyone can do. She seem like a woman to be loved by all.... Its amazing!!😊

Using regular flour and yeast is fine if you are kneading by hand. The bread machine has to work quickly and needs those special ingredients. Before I had a bread machine I made breads that turned out great. Just took more work. Remember that people made bread for centuries before there was electricity, much less machines to do the work! ;-)

I swear she had more energy in her 90's than I ever had in my 30's! She kept a beautiful home. Me, not so much. But once when we were first married my husband complained to her about my not doing something around the house. She stood right up and scolded him for not helping me! That I worked hard and he should appreciate me more! He came home with a new attitude and I would have loved her forever if it was for only that one thing!

Those people then were really hard working and dedicated. Cooking back then was more like a labor of love. I am glad though that things got a bit easier with time....

Wow! That is an amazing woman!!! I am sure a ton of women will easily take their son's side, I am so glad she had so much insight and good heart. I love her energy.

It's still a labor of love, but yes, a lot less labor! I'm just glad we don't have to pound out our own flour from corn or acorns or whatever in a stone mortar and pestle. Or grow the grains in the first place. But still, making bread give us that connection with our ancestor women. A little bit of kitchen magic!

So so glad for that too. And yeah, even with that hard part gone, the connection is still there...😀

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