Have I Told You Lately Steemit and Pizza, that I Love You?? LOL. Good Night My Friends. Comment If You Love Pizza. You Know My Position on the Matter! E.1

in #food4 years ago

Well, today is a big day for me as the unofficial Pizza Ambassador of Steemit and Canada.

I was tagged so many times by friends and family -- and one very large Steemian you all know -- @ericvancewalton on a post about this dream job..... I looked into it.

  • There is a pizza company in the UK looking for a Professional Pizza Eater to report to them on their products.

I've had a long day but tomorrow --- I will post on this friends.

The BBC had officially even posted on it the day before as well on their Social Media. I was tagged by relatives over there in the UK. It was on their BBC Radio Bristol page.

Both days I responded to posts on the matter and decided if anyone loves pizza like me and all that goes along with it on the business, fun and food end, it is me that would be a great fit to be a paid pizza consultant LOL.

Barry Dutton cares about Pizza!!

Sincerely -- Barry Dutton.

Pizza Lover.

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

My Philosophy In Daily Life & Travels:

I have always tried to be kind to people every day, as part of my life Philosophy, since I have always believed we can achieve more TOGETHER.

My path to Crypto is with you guys and we are on the path to Liberty.

We are all early adopters here, if you are even close to reading this today.

Be encouraged.

If you online search my name + PIZZA -- you will see my deep love of the pie as I seek to eat it, wherever I am, or whatever I am doing.

Life Goals:

-- Get Paid to Travel and Blog about Pizza & Those Travels.

-- Buy a Pizza Store.

-- Become Crypto Currency Independent and Love Liberty and Life!

-- Continue to Hold and Sell Real Estate as I have done for clients since 1991.

Don't let anyone tell you twins are a problem ever!!!!!

FUD or no FUD!!!

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How much in steem to buy a pizza?

We really need some kind of SBD/Steem loadable card man.

Imagine if someone handled the IT side of that and YOU designed the face of the card.

I'd be all in brother.

Great idea Barry. I was just reading a blog by that Kevin Wong guy today and he was talking about how people do not tend to invest in Steem but instead keep taking out and that causes "bleeding" as he put it. A card that we could top up would go a some way in remedying that.
If they wanted me to design the face then I would use your face on there, You are definitely one of the faces of steemit in my eyes man : )

So many people here dislike me, mostly the collusive types and some of the people who think they are elite.

I am Blue Collar to the end my man, you are so kind to me.

If I get that professional pizza taster gig in the UK I applied for, I will be closer to you and I would be working there one day a week.



When you said comment if you like pizza, i cannot hide my self not to follow my heart and comment on this coz my tastebuds is already mouth watering. I better go out and buy me some pizza ASAP 👍. I would also like to say thanks for visiting and upvoting me on one of my blogs.

Pizza is good.

Yes it is, so delicious.

I like Pizza, thanks for such a delicious post..

Nice play on words, I love it!

Go barrydutton you have definately found at least one of your Dream jobs being a pizza taster. Congrats. I am certain that you have the perfect qualifications. Have fun! 🐓🐓

I hope they pick me, I think I am a good fit in lots of ways.

I know in my heart of hearts that you are the perfect candidate for that job. Pizza taster extraordinaire! Has a certain ring to it doesn't it?
ps aunt-deb got the message. 🐓🐓

Thanks you!!!!

#BroHug to you also.

Even though you are not a dude


Great looking pizza... think my diet might have to wait for one or two more pies like those!

One of my goals also is being able to travel around the world while eating pizza l. Hahaha maybe I will.

It will be fun when we meet on the road over a pie and compare notes!!!!!

I can be very detailed in my writing!!!

We all know about your love of pizza but I have yet to hear you mention of what are your favourite toppings?

It would eventually turn into a fight with the people like pineapple on a pie vs. those who don't LOL

I vote for pineapple!

#SteemitCampfire is up.... I was out tonite studying gold and silver in hand again with a microscope etc and coin books learning things.

1968 was the year our beloved Canadastan gubment debased the silver currency / silver dollars with a crap ton of nickel and also shrunk the coins.

IDK how many people need to learn how corrupt they are and stuff like fiat can be proven to be worth less and less over time, by and large.

I had about $100k of silver in my hands tonite going over it with the books and the scope looking at it all and have covered off a lot of gold and other silver in weeks past - teaching myself stuff.

Also North of King


Pizza is the official food of Steemit lol

I do not see as much of the sacred writings of the Pie on here as I would like LOL

Nice hearing from you!!!!!!

Paid pizza consultant blogging on Steemit - I dig it. :)

Nice post ☺ followed and upvote you...hope so you will do same for me 😊

good work
pizzas are looking tasty
thank you for sharing
good work

Thanks for the reply today!!

Alas, the consequences of dairy consumption for me preclude such a career.

I too love pizza and Steemit. I used to be a manager at a number of pizza chains and I saw that one of your life goals is to own a parlor. I suggest a franchise from either Pizza My Heart or Pizza Factory.

Pizza My Heart is a real place?????

I have been joking about this in chats for years but never looked into it!!!

Yep, New York style by the slice pizza with california flavors!


@barrydutton I had pizza today and yesterday. This post was right on time.

which kind did you have?

It was called the Great White at this place called mellow mushroom.

California White Pizza? yummy

i like this food.

Thanks for this, I think pepperoni is my favorite!

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Oh Pizza, one of the best foods out there :) In case I would live in Canada I´d buy a house from you only to get this free Pizza :D


It has really worked out well for me. I honestly do have fun with that.

i love pizza

Thanks for commenting today.

Pizza is a balanced complete food group all in one LOL