Supermarket Dumpster Dinner pays for dreams

in #food3 years ago

About one month ago we made a post about our bicycle station that we wanted to build. Here is the link to the orginal story:

Because making a steemit post wasn't quite enough to get the money to build all the wonderfull stuff that we imagined, we organized a "dumpster"-dinner. Every wednesday we invited some friends to come over and have a nice dinner cooked by our supreme cooks Grischka and Goran. The two did their magic with all the stuff that we got from the supermarket trash bin. Supermarket trash you ask? Yes, supermarkets are throwing away more food than we can ever eat. And the food is not bad or something. It is not even over the date. Sometimes the package is a little bit damaged but often we can't figure out why they would throw it away. It's a shame. In Austria supermarkets are not even allowed to give away the food. In France they recently changed the laws to give the food that they would throw away otherwise to charity organization.

So now we made about 400 euros with our dinners because friends were tipping us for the evening and now we can go on and build an awesome party station that we can carry along in the whole city. We gonna have some amazing parties.
Thanks for reading I wish all of you a very nice day. Cheeers.