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RE: Have I Told You Lately Steemit and Pizza, that I Love You?? LOL. Good Night My Friends. Comment If You Love Pizza. You Know My Position on the Matter! E.1

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We all know about your love of pizza but I have yet to hear you mention of what are your favourite toppings?


It would eventually turn into a fight with the people like pineapple on a pie vs. those who don't LOL

I vote for pineapple!

#SteemitCampfire is up.... I was out tonite studying gold and silver in hand again with a microscope etc and coin books learning things.

1968 was the year our beloved Canadastan gubment debased the silver currency / silver dollars with a crap ton of nickel and also shrunk the coins.

IDK how many people need to learn how corrupt they are and stuff like fiat can be proven to be worth less and less over time, by and large.

I had about $100k of silver in my hands tonite going over it with the books and the scope looking at it all and have covered off a lot of gold and other silver in weeks past - teaching myself stuff.

Also North of King