French Bread

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Hi friends,

One of my favorite things to eat is bread and one of my favorite ways to enjoy it is like this:


This is a giant loaf of French Bread made at one od the local bakeries. Because it is fresh and free of many of the preservatives found in many other breads, it is only good for a day or two before it starts to harden or dry out,

The great thing about this bread to me is it’s versatility - you can enjoy it with jam, honey, as a sandwich bread, by itself, or the way I like it - with real stick butter where you butter every bite! So good!

Do you like French bread?

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That bread looks incredible, I personally would like it with butter and cheese, but with any companion it would be fascinating, another thing is that in my country French bread is known as a small bread that is why the title caught my attention, good publication !

Nice, yes, sounds delicious!

That bread looks delicious. If it's ready made, I'd eat it even better with spinach

Ooo, I bet that would be good!

yummy, yummy , I like it

YES! I love bread too. That looks so good. Nothing beats it being fresh, either. Cut it in half slather some butter on it, then sprinkly some garlic powder and bake, makes amazing garlic bread. Or use it for french bread pizzas!

Wow @brian.rrr the bread is looking yummy 😋 I wish I was there to join u 😱

Wow, I've never heard of the bread