Yummy Soups

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Hi all,

I love to eat, and I love to eat a variety of things.

With some recent sicknesses with the kids, my wife has made a couple of different healthy soups from this food blog: cookieandkate.com

The first soup was a Tomato Basil soup that used fresh ingredients and our blender:


This was quite delicious, and the fresh basil made the whole house smell great. I had a grilled cheese sandwich with it too, which was a nice complement.

The second soup was a hearty chicken noodle soup:


This was fantastic and used rotisserie-style chunks of chicken in the soup. I was in the mood for cornbread, so that was the compliment to the meal in this case.

These two yummy soups were a nice change of pace… do you have a particular soup you like to enjoy?

Take care,



Yummy! Delicious soups. It's very healthy food. I appreciate your great job.

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Yummy food.look like very testy. ham ham ham