[EN-ES] Shrovetide - a week of eating pancakes | Shrovetide - una semana de comer panqueques

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On Monday, the Great Lent begins in Russia. This is the longest and strictest abstinence of the Orthodox Church.

And this week we have Shrovetide - a week of saying goodbye to the Russian winter. At this time in Russia it is accepted to bake and eat pancakes in incredible quantities.

So I feed my family with pancakes this whole week. And we have such pancakes:

Rye pancakes

Guriev pancakes (yeast pancakes from semolina)

Buckwheat pancakes

Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow I will tell you how to prepare them.

El lunes, la Gran Cuaresma comienza en Rusia. Esta es la abstinencia más larga y estricta de la Iglesia Ortodoxa.

Y esta semana tenemos a Shrovetide, una semana de decir adiós al invierno ruso. En este momento en Rusia se acepta hornear y comer panqueques en cantidades increíbles.

Así que alimentar a mi familia con panqueques toda esta semana. Y tenemos tales panqueques:

Panqueques de centeno

Panqueques Guriev (panqueques de levadura de sémola)

Panqueques de trigo sarraceno

Mañana y pasado mañana les diré cómo prepararlos.


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Theses pancakes look delicious!!

Yes, @backlau, and they ARE delicious ;-)

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