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I have not written for a long time, too much has happened during this time, but I hope you are still with me and crave for new culinary posts from @ chernyy-povar

I am glad to announce that I have entered into a wonderful competition from Salt Studio . It is pathetically called "Battle of pastry chefs" ;-)

Well, more precisely, I thought it was pathetic, but in fact it is a really unreal competition plus training.

And here is the first task for the first cake: The author of the cake, Maya Klimina, is the brand chef and owner of the studio. It is called Autumn Delight

Well, what do you say friends about this first cake. It turned out of course, and I will pass to the next stage of the competition ;-). But my goodness! This is not a cake, it's a waste!

  1. Three types of sponge cake - coffee, chocolate and chiffon with Baileys liqueur!
  2. Three types of toppings - pear compote, coffee-caramel and cream cheese!
  3. And all this is going to a tower thirty centimeters high!

I did not even imagine how it would be. With biscuits was relatively simple, with fillings too. But then trash began! We must collect it.

Gathered - floating somewhere off to the side.

He pressed on all sides and hid in the fridge. He began to cover the top with chocolate ganache and it turned into a tower of Pisa.

Well, in general ... no words! Gathered, decorated, looks sad ... Nothing break through - passed on ;-)

Follow my progress ;-)


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