Healthy Safety Tip #: 1 - Disinformation about How to: Recognize Genetically Modified (GMO) Fruit PLU Stickers by Chrystal-Dawn

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Up-vote and share this. Americans eat roughly 1 Billion pounds of GMO foods just on Super Bowl alone. The stickers on fruits and vegetables are intended to give us more information than just a price look-up code. The PLU (price look-up code) also tells us if a food is GMO or genetically modified, chemically produced or organic. Below are some codes that you can write down to distinguish the GMO, organic, herbicides, fungicides or chemically produced.


It is important to look at the sticker because it literally depends on your and your families lives. Actually the PLU code doesn't tell us squat. Most manufacturers do not want to and do not have to in some instances, inform the public or display whether or not a food is genetically modified. What we can do however, is our research into what GMO's are and how you can distingush the GMO from organic certified foods. Furthermore, we can also check to see what foods are mass produced GMO such as, corn.

Proof Link:

If you are not already aware, GMO and other chemically produced foods alternate your DNA and also make you prone to a plethora of disease. The EPA (Enviornmental Protection Agency)says that birth defects, cancer and nerve damage are just a few of the health risks people get and warns against and the consumption of all pesticides used in food and everyone should take a moment to go through their website:

It is totally up to you to do your own research and to keep up-to-date with the latest food trends hitting our grocery stores because unfortunately our government doesn't. Here is a book that I found very helpful and it is rather cheap to buy:

Of course there is a plethora of information already out there on the web and I have provided my references/sources are at the bottom of this page so you can check those out too.
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