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RE: Bina's Yeast Rolls (with recipe)

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wooowww... wooowwww... look at your post @donna-metcalfe, You did it... and @curie picked it!
I never tried to make any kind of bread because I don't have bread machine, YET! hehehe... and I wonder how people make rolls. so.. you don't have to polish the bread with yolks and butter to make it shiny right?
thank you for sharing your belated mother in law recipe with us... I took a note of this recipe, maybe one day when I have that bread machine, I'll re-bake and show you the result too.


Oh I know, I was amazed at the response and very grateful they chose me to feature! And other curation groups too, so very nice of them.

I have made other breads that call for brushing the tops with an egg wash, or butter, or milk. That makes the top nice and brown. But her rolls are done when they are just slightly brown on top. I do sometimes mist the rolls with water as they start to rise. I think that helps to relax the dough and not get too dry.

But oh @cicisaja, people have been making bread for centuries before bread machines were invented! And I made bread for years before I got one. I mostly use mine for the mixing and kneading and then shape the loaves by hand. It is really helpful to have someone teach you in person how to knead. Back in the day there weren't Youtube videos like there are now. It is a wonderful way to work out your aggressions too! But I like to start the machine and then go do something else, plus my hands aren't as strong as they once were. So yes, get a machine if you want but you don't need one to make great bread!

get a machine if you want but you don't need one to make great bread!

What can I say, I always got troubled by the yeast... mom said I need to learn about it before do something, I even failed to make a donut dough.. hahahaha, well the basic of donuts and bread is almost similar I think, proofing is the key.. and you're right, people have been making bread for centuries... but for someone who has born in the ocean of rice field, what can I do? I like bread, but we bought it from the chinese seller, they're really cool with their amazing bread yeast, I forgot the way they call it (I saw it in the movie).

by the way.. you just eat the rolls like that or with something else @donna-metcalfe?

Yes, donuts are like other kinds of breads and yeast is important. Hey, if your mother knows about making bread she'd be a good one to talk to!

When I first made bread the yeast came in little squares wrapped in foil. You had to mix them with warm water and see if you get any bubbles. Then there were little packets of dry yeast granules. I don't think you had to 'proof' those, there was a date stamp to show if they were fresh.

I have even made sourdough bread! That is made with 'wild' yeast and I bought mine from a woman who had collected it from the grape vineyards in her area. Sourdough yeast takes a lot of care. You have to 'feed' it with flour and water and a little sugar every few days to keep it fresh. From this 'starter' you use maybe a cup for a recipe of bread. Then keep feeding the original until you have enough to make more. After a few years my starter turned too sour to taste good. I didn't take good care of it. But it was fun while it lasted!

The rolls we eat warm with a little butter. The next day we make little sandwiches with them, slice them in half and put leftover ham (or turkey) inside. We usually run out of rolls before we have eaten the leftover meats. Very sad. :-)