Up Next: The Collapse of the Food Supply Chain

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by James Corbett
May 02, 2020

If you've spent any time around the conspiracy realists who understand the true nature of the central banking fraud, the political fraud, the war on terror fraud and all of the other deceptions that are sold to the public by their misleaders, you've no doubt heard some iteration of the following remark:

"As long as Joe Sixpack and Jane Soccermom have their football and their cheeseburgers, nothing's ever going to change."

The implication is that if we can halt the flow of mindless entertainment that distracts the masses and the chemically-processed garbage that keeps them fat and sluggish, we could have a revolution by the morning.

Be careful what you wish for.

The sports were the first to go. (In fact, the cancellation of the NBA season was the moment I realized they were going to go all the way with the plandemic psyop.)

And now, in case you hadn't noticed, the cheeseburgers are disappearing.

The latest news is that McDonald's is now taking direct control over how much beef and pork each franchisee will receive. This comes on the back of ominous statements from major McDonald's suppliers like Tyson Foods, whose chairman is now warning that "millions of pounds of meat will disappear from the supply chain" as the plandemic starts to cripple food processing plants.

Now, there are no doubt many people who are relieved to hear that McDonald's may be forced to limit the sales of its chemical-laden, poisonous garbage "food products" (and, trust me, I'm one of them). And there are no doubt many who are relieved to hear of the impending collapse of the factory food processing system that has so utterly disconnected us from the real sources of our food.

But, once again, I must warn you to be careful what you wish for. What is happening right now is not cosmic revenge for the poisoning of the public with toxic garbage that the factory food processors and fast food purveyors have been engaging in for decades; it is actually the next step in the complete reengineering of the food supply and the fundamental transformation of the human experience that such a reengineering entails.

First, we have to understand that this is no mere American phenomenon. It is happening in Canada. And the UK. And Europe. And China. And Japan.

And it's not just beef and pork supplies that are being disrupted. It's milk. And produce. And rice. And wheat.

And it's not just the food processors whose entire industry is being upended by this chaos. It's wreaking havoc for farmers. And truckers. And supermarkets. And restaurants.

And to make it all even more horrific, the crisis won't just effect the food supply itself. It will effect all of those workers in these industries who are being laid off as a result of the disruption, who now find themselves among the ranks of the recently unemployed who are lining up at food banks, which, as you might imagine, are struggling to keep up with the record demand on their dwindling reserves.

In case you can't see the bigger picture yet, what is already in the process of happening is a fundamental disruption of the entire food chain that much of the world relies on. The impact of this disruption is only just now beginning to be felt, and the ripples caused by this cascading chain of failures and crises will directly effect every single person reading these words at some point in the near future.

Demand for food aid is already leading to stampedes in Kenya and protests in Bangladesh and looting in Colombia and clashes in South Africa. Given that we've already seen supermarket freakouts and shopping brawls breaking out in the US and Australia and the UK, can there be any doubt that severe food shortages will cause widespread chaos in the streets of the developed world? (In case there is any doubt, I'll just leave this here.)

If only the Problem that is causing this Reaction had an easy Solution!

Oh, wait! There is! It's called "lab-grown meat" and it's being served up by Bill Gates and his corporate cronies.

Yes, as James Evan Pilato and I discuss in the latest edition of New World Next Week, everyone's favorite billionaire philanthropist just happens to have a burning desire to help the planet by switching them over to lab-grown meat for some reason. (Hmmm. Funny, that. Must be part of that same selfless impulse that motivates him to inject as many poor, starving children as possible with his experimental vaccines.)

Before the vegans in the crowd start celebrating the realization of their dream to get the world to stop eating meat, we should all realize this for what it is. This is not a kumbaya moment where the world acts to reduce animal suffering, but the ultimate achievement of the global food corporatocracy's wildest dream: to replace the food supply with a fully synthesized, patented, corporate product that cannot be grown in the field or raised in a farm. If this corporate takeover of the food supply happens of your food will come directly from Big Food, Inc.

In fact, not only was Gates an important early backer of "Impossible Burger" and its lab-grown synthetic biology food substitute, but, as Corbett Report member Camille of PleaseStopTheRide points out, he is also investing millions into "hacking your microbiome" to reengineer your gut bacteria. You see, as it turns out, researchers are discovering that the microbiome—the mixture of bacteria, fungi and viruses that develop in the gut—can have serious effects on children's physical and mental development, especially in the first year of life. So the same man who is extremely concerned about overpopulation is also plowing millions of dollars into researching how food supplements can help poor third world children grow up big and strong. What could go wrong?

But don't worry about Gates; his investments are already paying off. The "fake meat" industry is raking in the cash in the corona world order, with Impossible Foods Inc. in particular using the generated crisis as an opportunity to expand into 777 more grocery stores across the US. (Hey, at least it wasn't 666 more stores!)

And there you have it: Problem - Reaction - Solution, food supply edition.

But if you're interested in this controlled demolition of the food supply chain, I have some advice for you: Don't post it to Twitter. They've already thrown talk about food shortages into the same category as warnings about the safety of 5G technology and banned it from their platform. If there was any greater sign that this is going to become an issue of vital importance in our lives in our very near future, I don't know what it is.


Instead of taking a cheap shot at vegans, this would have been a good opportunity for James to up his intellectual honesty game. Sadly, he missed once again.

James, the food shortage could be solved TODAY if people stopped feeding grain to "meat animals", raised mainly in crowded factory farms to save resources, raped, tortured, and slaughtered for their body parts. The land can be used to grow grain to feed humans, cutting out the entire animal agriculture industry. Humans don't need anything at all from animals in order to be healthy. NOTHING. We torture and kill and enslave their species only for the taste and tradition, nothing else.

You mention hunger and famine coming, but not the easy solution. Instead, you mention veganism as an insult.

You even missed an opportunity to speak truth, something you claim to believe in. James, be honest with your readers! Hunger could be solved immediately.

And why not mention Liberty, too? Who deserves it? Only humans? Should it not be for all sentient beings that want it? What harm have they done to us, that we should enslave their species, cage them, steal their babies, and kill them for products we don't need and are generally unhealthy for us?

James, wake up.

This engineered famine can not be solved immediately. Monsanto have the monopoly of the GMO seed supply that feeds billions through processed food and animal feed. This seed supply will go off line with no instant replacement. Its the plan. In a Grand Solar Minimum a revolution in agriculture will be impossible to organise in time to replace the worlds food, let alone in a scenario when the break down in the just in time system fails on global delivery. The next two winters will be the challenge for humanity, especially in cities. Prepare now! Don't eat your neighbours later.

Now is not the time to fight among the troops. There will be enough of that in the coming days and weeks elsewhere. None of that fighting will be necessary if people would take the extra time they have on their hands to talk to their neighbors about what can be done. Like starting a community garden for example so everyone in that neighborhood has the food they need. This has already been done in cities and backyards, so it can be done. Now is the time to begin. It's growing season for heaven sakes.

All of this nonsense would vanish IF people decide to let the Gates in this world know they aren't going to have any of this BS.

I'm reminding people they don't need to fight over flesh in order to get the nutrients they need to be healthy. I'm saving the lives of sentient, feeling, loving beings who don't want to be killed. I'm advocating peace for all. If you see it as fighting among the troops, maybe that's on you? My message is that through peace and non-violence, we can all obtain plenty of food, instead of competing for it. This helps us humans, and billions of intelligent non-human individuals as well.

I somewhat agree with you. Yes, what humans do to animals is horrible and totally immoral.

But where did he insult vegans exactly? He is right in so far that the forced waiver of meat consumption is not because people had some kind of enlightenment but because there will be less / no more meat.
Nothong more, nothing less. Chill out a bit. You dont reach people by acting semi-hysterical.

What didn't you understand? It's not hysterical at all. If you have any criticism about what I said, please bring it forth.

Instead of admitting that veganism is a perfect solution to the problem, James used the opportunity to slight his vegan readers. His bias (as a meat eater) determines his stance here. His lack of intellectual honesty on this issue draws into question all his other work, which is unfortunate, as I've been recommending it to my audience for a decade now.

Yes veganism would be a perfect solution - if it was voluntary. You're trying to cure the symptoms, not the disease.
If you want people to live vegan, you have to convince them, not force them. Forcing people to do X is highly immoral and only works short-term.
And that's exactly why people despise vegans. Not because they made a choice to not eat meat anymore (which is great btw), but more because they're acting all pissed off from their high moral horse instead of trying to convince meat-eaters to come to the other side with a POSITIVE attitude - hence the joke from Corbett.

I understand your message and I agree with you. But if you want people to change, you need a better way of delivering it. Making people LOVE to be a vegan is better than making people HATE themselves for eating meat.

Don't be ridiculous. I'm not surprised you didn't post that under your normal account.

People aren't going to make a life-altering decision that changes literally everything about their thinking and behaviour based on anything I say or don't say. If they're that superficial and fickle, shame on them. If not enslaving, raping, and murdering other sentient beings isn't motivation enough, online comments aren't going to be, either.

People with that attitude are just looking for yet another excuse to continue to harm innocent conscious creatures for their own pleasure. "That vegan should have acted a different way, and then I'd be a moral person, but he went about it all wrong, so I'm going to carry on being a de facto murderer, rapist, and slave owner."

Also, I never said I was trying to convince anyone of anything. You're assuming that and couldn't be more wrong.

lol this is my normal account, I just started using it after I forgot about Steemit when the '18 bubble burst.

Yes, people make life-altering decisions when Government forces them to (talk about murdering and enslaving other sentient beings, huh), but that is short-sighted and usually ends up in the opposite direction. REAL change comes from within. And if you want to see real change, you need to change people's minds. Don't wait for some magical thing to happen, do it yourself. Be it a Youtube channel, a Blog, a Website, a Forum, handouts in your local shopping mall, whatever.

But your solution is to force people to be "moral" instead of trying to actually convince them with a positive attitude. I guess we have nothing more to discuss then.

I dont see where he took a shot at vegans...point it out please.Maybe he was ill informed about the Impossible burger wich isnt lab grown but is plant based...ok made in an industrial setting but still...a step in the right direction.Havent tasted it yet but i had the A&W Beyond Burger and its very good!Would fool a carnie! Been plant based for over 2 years now and never going back

Now is the time for garden growing, food sharing, and community fostering. Waiting for the powers-that-shouldn't-be to tell us what to do next is a recipe for disaster. Only we know what our immediate and future needs will be.

God bless. Be well. Fear and hatred divide so may we all become citizens and take care of each other now.

It is not likely to all come instantly; first, there will be an artificial lack of availability and rationing that many people will begrudgingly accept. Later, the hard and tough regulations will kick in. Maybe Alex Jones's recent jokes about eating ass do have a lot of importance after all.

A lot to think about, but nothing to do about if we're living with trash food. Vegetables could have the answers, (just a humble opinion). Very nice article. Greetings.

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this you have said about twitter it´s true, I have already heard it elsewhere..!

According to a 4chan post, Bill Gates has heads of children he killed in fish tanks, in his home. This idea has been expressed in tv shows lime futurama and the walking dead. I don't know if the post is true but Bill Gates is a serial child killer. No doubt about that.

Bill Gates also hates non white women and strives to murder their children with baby killing hormones hidden in vaccines. Bill's racist lust is not satisfied with sterilization without consent, but he pays for hormones that cause miscarriages so expectant mothers feel more pain. Expectant mothers feel they did something wrong and often commit suicide. That is what Bill Gates buys with his wealth. If you love a women, protect her by rejecting everything Bill Gates touches.

It was obvious that, by slowing down the economy, the economic system at some point had to suffer a breakdown. It is a normal consequence.
We have seen it in many apocalyptic films. Only that the COVI.19 pandemic has overcome the fantasy and therefore we face a real problem. Not science fiction but reality. And we have to become aware of it

Solution!...some smal farms like the one in Quebec where they grow small plot intensive with food forest and free range wild pigs and stuff...Like the TV serie ''les Fermiers''translate to The Farmers with upcoming celebrity Jean Martin Fortier who wrote the book Le Jardinier Maraicher...The Market Gardener already International Bestseller.But here comes the punch of this story...He is financed by Canadian Deep State Oligarch André Desmarais and he even goes to his place and sips scotch or cognac or whatever in his big ass comfy leather sofa by the fireplace and its just fucking shocking when you think about it in relation to Agenda21 and what coming ...Made me fucking sick.Now in the near future i bet its gonna be the model kind of farm wich only the ''Friends of the Party'' will be allowed to operate while everybody will be stacked up in high rise building and all wilderness areas will be rendered ''off-limit'' and all private property will be outlawed.Anyways ...research Agenda21 if you arent familiar with it.Fake Sustainablility Greenwashing and Astroturfing the way to your total enslavement.

All I see happening is a greater push for automation in general, as this problem is only occurring due to the current inefficiencies of the supply chain. Companies may push automated methods of distribution (self driving trucks and drones for example) further so a crisis like the one we're facing now doesn't happen again. Production isn't slowing down, distribution is, and all it's gonna do is put more and more people out of work. Farmers are gonna continue dumping food and people will be forced to rely on their own means of production through gardens or starve.

wow so nice

Not on the hive yet? Moar decentralisation!

I actually saw a teenage girl get excited when she discovered fake meat burgers in the freezer aisle. I immediately spoke to her father and advised him of the health effects these bogus burgers can have on both his children. He laughed it off and said "both my kids are already gay, so the endocrine disruptors can't do much more damage". I also laughed and told him to enjoy his soy milk and soy ice cream.
Some people are ashamed to admit they are responsible for choosing to poison their family and resent you for noticing. Bill Gates is a serial child killer. A 4chan poster claims he saw children's heads floating in fish tanks in one of Bill Gates homes. Like in the Walking Dead and Futurama TV shows. Where there is smoke, there is fire.

Its not fake meat... its real plants! Lab grown meat is not available in store ...yet!

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