What I Eat In A Day!Healthy but not strict,quick meal ideas

in #food4 years ago

   Today I thought to show you what a normal day of eating looks for me and maybe give you some new ideas for your meals.

   Currently I am intermittent fasting,and not because I wanted to,but because I found out in time that my body enjoys this.There was a time when I forced myself to eat in the morning,rght before my workout until one day I just couldn`t swallow the food and I had to train on an empty stomach.Surprisingly,I had an amazing workout and I felt more energized then ever before so I decided to stick with it as long as my body wants.I am all about listening to your body and I have to admit that there are days when I eat just a salad and there are days when I eat 3 meals in a short period of time but I don`t care as long as I do exactly what it feels right at that point.

  I am way past that time when all I wanted was a six pack or a certain number on the scale,I am opened to just let things be and do it on my own terms.

   Excluding meat from my diet was part of the change I decided to make years ago and,once again,this is what works for me.Having a slow digestion was a factor in this decision,whenever I ate meat it took so long to digest and it was so unconfortable,I felt tired all the time and I also had constipation problems.This problems went away when I stopped eating meat.

Let`s begin!:)

I usually get hungry around 12:00 so then is when I have my first meal.Depending on how hungry I feal I decide what to eat.

Here are the ingredients for one of my favorite smoothies:Coconut and almond milk,banana,berries and vegan protein powder.

At 15:00 I ate this delicious roastead zucchini and sweet corn with whole wheat pasta and avocado.This is right before I head to the gym so I like to have something fresh cooked.

At 19:00 I usually have a break,and I ate this salmon,blue chesse and all kinds of veggies and seeds wrap.This is easy to make and take with you when you are not home and you can put whatever you like in it,as long as it is healthy.

And I have to admit I get sometimes hungry when I finish my day and that is the time I eat a fruit,if I`m not hungry I won`t eat anything.

I truly hope this opens your appetite for more heathy meal options and If you like this,I would love to hear what you eat in a normal day.




Looks very healthy and delicious at the same time! How many times a week do you train? Are you training for a sport or just for building your body? :)

Hi😊I train 5 days a week and I do it because I love it and of course constantly I’m trying to improve my body but not for something specific!

I train only 4x/week,but those are some badass workouts. My goal is to gain strength and improve both my energy levels and mood. But beside that I'll also try to do something in football and/or tennis. :)

I believe that it doesn’t matter the amount of time training,it matters that you do it and you make time for yourself:)

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