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RE: A Jar of Nutella

in #food3 years ago

Ah yes, Nutella! Haven't had that in the house since we last moved, and that was 2011. Miss it every now and then, but have never been near the market when I've thought about it.

OK, so here's a strange one for you: Marmite. That's a taste memory from being very young. Haven't had any of that around in a really long time, either.



I know how you feel! I haven't had Nutella in what feels like ages haha well . . until now! You should definitely get some next time you're shopping to resurrect the memories haha.
Marmite is something I have never heard about, I looked it up and it says that it's British spread, maybe this is the reason? I actually grew up in Crimea and only been here in the US for a few years, this is why I am unfamiliar with Marmite.

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