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A fun sweet dessert at Chocolate Souple. There is a lot of chocolate cake but many light and spongy textures. It is baked on the oven and after being baked it is served hot dishes immediately. The main components of eggs and chocolate. It is not as common in our country, but it is a very popular dessert in the West. It is not very difficult to prepare and the tool is also available at hand. So you can also tray home.


Dark chocolate 30 grams
Three table spoons of oven sugar or powder sugar
Salt 1 pinch
Vanilla essence
Oven Proof Ceramic Bowls

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Step 1

Firstly, take a cup of coconut oil in a cup of oven frost.
Step 2

Now turn the bowl with a spoonful of sugar in the bowl and turn it around the sugar paste. The sugar will stick with butter. With a thumb on top of the bowl, some butter and sugar need to be removed, so that the sugula can be raised equally from the four sides.
Step 3

After that, the bowl should be kept in the fridge until the mixture is ready. First, 30 grams of dark chocolate and 1 table spoon of butter will be melted into a microwave oven or stove. Boil the water in a bowl, add chocolate and butter on the steel bowl and keep it on the boiling water. Will have to slow down.
Step 4

If the chocolate and butter are melted together they should be kept at room temperature for a little cold.
Step 5

Eggs and yolk should be separated by breaking eggs in a bowl. Yoga should be mixed with chocolate mixture, so that the yolk can not be tied tightly. It should be noted that the combination of chocolate is a bit hot, that is, it is not very hot and it is also cold.
Step 6

Two drops of vanilla assensions must be mixed.
Step 7

The white part of the egg should be well bitten so that it is tied tightly. Electric Beatrice is good. Otherwise, the hand beater should be bitten for a long time.
Step 8

When bundled with sugar, you need to bite again with sugar. Bit should be done in such a way that it is like foam. If you add two drops of vinegar, the foam will be good.
Step 9

Now one third of the white foam should be mixed well with chocolate foam.
Step 10

The mixture will be lightly mixed with the rest of the white foam. The mixture should be mixed in such a way that the inside of the white part of the egg does not come out which will help the flower to flower later. No baking powder is used in the sofley, so this step should be specifically noticed.
Step 11

Now you have to fill the ceramic bowl from fridge and fill it with a sophisticated blend.
Step 12

Now place a bowl of fruit in a pre-heated oven (200 degrees Celsius or 400 degrees Fahrenheit).
Step 13

The minimum thirteen minutes and maximum 15 minutes will be baked. Be careful not to open the door while baked.
Step 14

After getting out from the oven, it will be a hot hot environment. With whipped cream or vanilla ice cream, it will be more fun to eat.

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