The Fourth weekly RECIPE-QUIZ by @diemama. Guess the🥕🥔🍠 ingredients 🥦🥒🍉 & win the ️💰 JACKPOT! 💰

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Every week you have the chance to win the Jackpot of the #recipe-quiz, which is starting with 1💲SBD in the Jackpot 💰


Congratulation to the winner @carolynstahl from the previous quiz, who has won the Jackpot.

In this week, we are looking for 12 INGREDIENTS, which are used for these delicious Mango MuffinsIMG_6844 (3).JPG:


Rules & How you can take part and win?

  • Take part on the quiz with your upvote & resteem the #recipe-quiz.
  • What do you think? Could you give me a list of the ingredients , which are used in this recipe? Write it in a comment below.
  • If one person guessed a used ingredient or more right, it will be mentioned in the comments below.
    So be aware & 🏆 rise your chance to win!🏆

The weekly #recipe-quiz will be published every Monday & the WINNER will be mentioned in the comments below.
You can win the Jackpot ️💰 by following the rules and guess all searched ingredients right, which are used to prepare a specific dish.
If nobody guesses all ingredients in the quiz, the Jackpot ️💰 will increase 💥 up to 1 💲 SBD more in the next round.


If nobody guesses all searched ingredients and/or hasn´t followed the rules within the next 7 days, the Jackpot ️💰 will increase up to 1💲 SBD more in the next #recipe-quiz by @diemama
You can use the tag #recipe-quiz with examples. You will find also a translation in german if you feel more comfortable with it to read.

The recipes are always vegan💚 , gluten-free❤️ & no sugar will be added 🚫! You will get an impression of possible used ingredients by browsing through the account of @diemama, who shares in short lines, what has been used in the single recipes.

You can also take a look at the previous #recipe-quiz, which shows you more about the process.



Thanks for supporting my work with your upvote!

Let´s have a great start into the new week. 🤗
Best wishes, your @diemama


Saludos, gracias por compartir tu post con nosotros, éxito.

El nuevo concurso empieza el lunes :) (in english: the new round is starting on Monday :))

sieht so lecker aus 😊😊 LG

Vielen Dank @viktoriyani für deinen lieben Kommentar.

It's so hard, but we loved the Kitty! :D

You should give it a try, dear @veggie-sloth :)

Another recipe to tantalise us!
Here goes, a wild guess:
Mango, sunflower seeds, poppy seeds, flax seed flour, ancient grains, cinnamon, baking soda, flax eggs, agave syrup, salt, vanilla, almond milk

mango, poppy seeds, ancient grains, cinnamon, baking powder, salt, vanilla are right :)
+ QUIZ-TIP: (5 ingredients are left; I used almond, but not as milk, I used milk but not almond)

Ok @diemama, I have a terrible weakness for quizzes...and yummy muffins...
Mango, poppy seeds, ancient grains, cinnamon, baking powder, salt, vanilla, slivered almonds, coconut milk, coconut oil, sesame seed, apple cider vinegar

for your weakness for quizzes😄 , dear @lizelle:
QUIZ-TIP: (I used almond, but not in slivered condition. I haven´t used oil. I used seeds, but not sesame. I used milk, but not coconut & almond)

Thanks for the tips @diemama, but I think I'm still not on the right track
Mango, poppy seeds, ancient grains, cinnamon, baking powder, salt, vanilla, apple cider vinegar, almond flour, soy milk, hemp seeds, chopped almonds

I wouldn´t say that -> hemp seeds are right :)(4 Ingredients are left)
+ QUIZ-TIP: (I used milk, but not soy, almond or coconut. I used almond, but not in slivered or chopped condition.)
The following missing ingredients are starting with the letters: F..., A..., C..., O...

Thank you for the tips @diemama- another try:
Mango, poppy seeds, ancient grains, cinnamon, baking powder, salt, vanilla, hemp seeds, flax milk, almond butter, coconut shards, oat flour

Ok you must have nailed it! Lets eat muffins already.

That wasn´t bad from you both @lizelle & @carloynstahl ;)
flax milk, almond butter & oats are right
( 1 ingredient left: C...(nuts))

flax meal, almond butter, carrots.....ughh @lizelle!!!!!! where are you?

Right here Carolyn...still guessing...😏

haha, dear @lizelle thanks for your comment and welcome back :) Happy to see you in the new round.

I will tried to:

Flax milk
Poppy seeds,
Ancient grains,
baking powder,
Hemp seeds,
almond butter,
Oat flour

Greetings, diemama! Wish you a very enriching experience here in this awesome community :) Have fun

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Oh another delicious treat to guess! I'm already stumped

Thank you, dear @carolynstahl. I´m waiting 😋