Why honey in honeycombs is more expensive than usual?

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Have you ever wondered why honey in honeycombs costs more than ordinary honey? At first glance, it seems to get honeycomb honey, you just need to slazit in a hive. And to get pumped out, you need to slazit in a hive behind it, and pump it out, drain it, pack it. There are many unnecessary actions, the reward for which should be added to the cost of the same honey honey. Why, then, is everything the other way around? Why is the price lower than usual? Let's figure it out.

To get commodity honey (the one that will be pumped out), you need to work hard. Beekeepers understand me. And this work has its price, hence the price of honey. On honeycomb honey. But fans honeycomb honey is not so much as the usual liquid in a familiar jar.

The beekeeper part of the honeycomb frames sells, and to realize the rest of the honey, he has to work hard yet. This is precisely the pumping of honey and its packaging. Thus, he chooses either to stay with "expensive honeycomb honey" or work hard and lower the price to sell it. Of two evils, as they say ...

But some of you can say that honeycomb often occurs and is one and a half and twice as expensive as ordinary honey. This is primarily due to the quality of honeycomb honey: the color of the honeycomb is light, clean, the frame is completely sealed, the grade of honey is expensive, etc.

In addition, a completely sealed frame in the hive may not be so much. For pumping is allowed a frame, sealed a minimum of 1/3 (honey means in such a mature).


And, of course, honeycomb is a real natural honey, to which "the hand of man" did not touch, and which did not interact either with air, with metal, etc.

So it turns out that honey in honeycombs is more expensive than its colleague - liquid and in a jar :)


I think some of the cost is also in the novelty of getting the comb. Even if it is more difficult to refine the honey from the comb, people see it as unique and special if they get a piece of the hive.

Also, when you remove honey without the comb, the combs do not need to be rebuilt by the bees. They will simply refill them. This makes honey production faster and a little cheaper.

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