Former Bomb Shelter Turned Into Underground Farm

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About 100 feet under the ground in London, there is a company-fittingly named Growing Underground-that is currently growing a variety of different types of herbs; able to feed and accommodate roughly 8,000 people in the area.

The company has combined both hydroponics and vertical farming methods and they are growing their produce using LED lights with nutrient solutions in water.

The space where the food is being grown allegedly used to be used as an air-raid shelter back during WWII. And since they set up their operation a few years ago, they've been supplying both local consumers in the area as well as restaurants.

They are also inspiring farmers in the area who are now interested in learning about the new growing techniques; they could combine the new technology with their old growing methods for overall improved growing efficiency.

At their facility they've been growing things like:

  • fennel
  • coriander
  • garlic chives
  • red mustard
  • Thai basil
  • pea shoots
  • watercress

Their business endeavor has landed them the BBC Future Food Award thanks to its innovative growing approach.

Those behind the Growing Underground initiative wanted to get quality food to consumers in a way that reduces waste and food miles and so far they seem to be proving successful at the endeavor. Their growing methods are also using roughly 70 percent less water than traditional methods.

They also say that their approach to farming is far cheaper, provides them with more control, and they're able to grow the produce faster.

Those behind the project believe that we have the ability to feed the growing food demand for the plant, it's just about taking the time to explore creative and unique growing initiatives to get the job done. Those would be options like aquaponics, hydroponics, vertical farming, and more.

Growing Underground was successful in raising over 1 million thanks to crowdfunding methods and they hope to eventually expand and supply internationally. They also just recently managed to land a lucrative deal with a major online retailer in the UK—Ocado.

They will be providing the company with a variety of bagged salads that are expected to be available for sale on their online grocery market. And the products are also available via FarmDrop.

The vertical farming market continues to grow in popularity all around the world and it's estimated that this market will reach $13 billion globally by 2024.

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Truly this is great innovation but how safe is the crops for human consumption? I hope chemicals are not used in the growing process. I hope the lights serve as source of sunlight because plants needs sunlight to grow properly.

Aquaponics is truly an amazing yet not very natural way of growing plants. I'm sure as you state there is something lacking.

Yeah makes sense!!

Wiht all the technology that we have today I don't know why we still have hunger.

wow this is very innovative and awesome @doitvoluntarily ! Why not put these old bunkers to good use !? We have been using hydroponics for a long time now and it just keeps getting better and easier , plus more cost effective ! This would be really great in areas that are hard to grow in and people are starving ! Great post my friend , upped and resteemed ! Will also do the same with my other account @momskitchen to share in my food blog for my awesome foodie followers !! 🌱🌱🌱👍👍👍

I don't understand why it helps that it is underground!!!

I don't know , maybe its easier to control the climate !? Plus why not make some use out of it jus t sitting there empty ! It has power and water everything you need really without having to spend money to build something . 💕👍🌿🌱

Yeah makes sense why reinvent the wheel, thanks for this...😀 😃 😄 😁 I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Haha your right ! And your welcome !👍👍👍💙

Thank you so much!!!

My guess is that it allows them to grow year-round.

Yeah makes sense, thanks for this...😀 😃 😄 😁 I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

Wonderful post loved reading it a big thumbs up from my side ..keep steeming !!

it is a very unique way of agriculture,but how healthy are these edible?

That is an amazing business idea. Makes sense that it would work so well. Thanks for the post. 🐓🐓

well my country certainly needs this !! with the population growing at a faster rate than any other country ! and also farmers quitting on their lands !! relying more on exports ...Its still not too late for humans to start sowing the seeds for future !!

haha, what a great story !!

Amazing post, thanks so much for sharing this material!

This has got to be one of the coolest things I have seen in awhile. It reminds of the movie blast from the past.

Interessing post and narrative. Thank you for sharing!

Looks like a wave of the future for certain areas of the world.

Thats a great idea to start a new venture. Thanks for sharing the information. I am sure so many people are inspired with this 🖒

Creative solution

Not sure I would like my food grown down there, Interesting read :)

Yeah right, coriander. Pretty sure it's the Canadian government pot farms ;)

Also upped and resteemed to share with my foodie followers !🌱🌱🌱🌱👍💕