Salmon Fillet and air-fried potatoes.

in #food3 years ago

You can tell that this meal is from about a week ago by looking at the Steem Chart in the background. It was looking good then, now we are looking at the lowest its been since December (15000 sats).

But oh well... Steem on a downtrend is nothing new. Whats new is me having Salmon for dinner, I sealed it in the pan with olive oil, then squeezed some lemon juice on top of it, rubbed it with butter and to the oven they went.

Served with some air fried potatoes and a hoppy IPA. Cant go wrong with that.







All pictures are from an iPhone 5 SE


I'm a big fan of Salmon. My wife and I cook one sealed in an aluminum pouch with garlic, butter, lemon, red pepper flake, and a bit of Italian seasoning then pop it in the oven. Love that dish and really, it's so easy. How do you air fry potatoes?

That sounds lovely, I love the aluminum pouch because it keeps the fish super juicy.

For potatoes, I peel them and dice them, put them in a bowl ad quite a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper and smoked paprika and a few cloves of garlic (unpeeled). Mix everything and to the air fryer they go. I love the garlic touch, adds a lot of aroma to the whole thing.

I think I'm behind the times as I don't have an air fryer yet :D

The Salmon looks delicious and am hungry now. Salmon for lunch..

Salmon filet is a big favorite of mine 😉👌
That looks really delicious my friend. Meal vy the computer. Hope you are having a wonderful week. Much love ❤️🤗❤️

Thanks Saffi, Long time no see!

Hope you have an amazing weekend lovely.

Steem in a bearish trend is no hot news.
It has been like this since sometime.
In the meanwhile you enjoy your salmon with fried potatoes.

@dontstopmenow Yes you are right, am also a little bit worried but let's hope for the best.
BTW Salmon is love ❤️, I just had it on Tuesday night.

I love salmon :)
Now I just need the price to go to at least $2 this month :)

hahaaha yeah... I know the feeling.

Patience will pay off. I am pretty confident that December will be a Salmon month for many of us.

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