6 favorite dishes that appeared accidentally

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Thanks to random events in the past today, we can enjoy waffle cones, breakfast with cornflakes and enjoy crispy chips. I prepared for you a selection of six delicious dishes, snacks and desserts, which were invented completely by accident.

How did cornflakes appear?

At the end of the 19th century, brothers John Harvey Kellogg and Will Keith Kellogg worked at the Battle Creek sanatorium in Michigan. The brothers were interested in healthy nutrition and experimented with different types of whole-grain dough.

One day, Will Kellogg cookedWill Keith Kellogg. wheat, to make a dough, and then left it for a few hours, having been away for important business. When he returned, he discovered that the wheat had withered. In order not to throw out the product, he decided to cook it by rolling it with a rolling pin into a single layer.

However, instead of a homogeneous mass, Kellogg obtained many individual flat flakes. After baking, they turned into a crispy and light cereal product, which was appreciated by the patients of the sanatorium.

In 1896, John Kellogg received a patent for Flaked cereals and the process of preparing the same. for an invention, and later the brothers used this technique to make corn and founded a company selling flakes.

To be continued

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