My Own Small Garden

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A quote for the read:

"No occupation is so delightful to me as the culture of the earth, and no culture comparable to that of the garden."
— Thomas Jefferson

         Gaining an interest in plants lately, I decided that I wanted to try and grow some. We have a garden in our backyard, but with my parents using it for their own veggies, I scouted out a different spot. Behind our garage was a small patch of dirt, rocks, and grass that went right along the alleyway. I figured this was probably a good enough size for me since I wasn’t planting much. So, a few days later I got to work digging and tilling up the grass and rocks to make clean soil.


         I tilled up some short rows and quickly planted the seeds, which included corn, carrots, and lettuce. I also bought sweet potato seeds but I couldn’t plant them yet because I have to let them grow spouts first. Anyways, my next step was to put some fencing all around and enclose it with some netting to keep the critters out of my food. We had some signs from before with the vegetable labels I needed so I hammered them into the ground and waited.



And it wasn’t long until things started popping up out of the ground.

         The only setback was that it has taken me three trials with the netting, as the squirrels have figured out a way in and destroyed most of my corn every time. I recently just configured the nets for the third time, and its essentially a fortress now… Hopefully it will keep things outta’ there.


A picture of a hole that had been dug and a corn stalk knocked over from a varmint.

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Wildlife can be devastating to a garden. I have never been able to propagate sweet corn because of the raccoons. Try using the tag "garden" if you post about this again in the future.

Something I've wondered is why the squirrels don't just move out to the country where there are trees AND an endless amount of corn. They'd be set for life! But they choose to stay in town and eat my corn instead...

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