Another Artful Mouthgasmic Rainbow of Love!

in #foodlast year

One of the great benefits of living at the @gardenofeden is our artful, delicious, nutritious mouthgasmic daily creations!

The best part for me is that we nurture our land with the trash of others (bagged leaves, junk mail, newspaper/magazines, cardboard, produce/grain/landscaping waste, manure...etc...), all alchemized to break down and enhance the soil instead of dumping it in the landfill to rot for years.


The energy of love infused in our soil grows food that enhances our bodies, minds and souls.


I believe many people have forgotten the sustaining blessings we are gifted everyday from Mother Earth.

Surely without her we would wither and die, though she continues to provide as humans rape and pillage her life force simply for convenience sake.


Imagine how things would change if everyone paid attention to what it is they are participating in on a deep level. Consider all the layers of land destruction, use of chemicals, fuel consumption, machine use, all it takes to make and print the packaging, transportation, electricity and storage costs, and especially the life force energy of those reluctantly going to work everyday to get food to your table (you can pretty much count on them not doing it if they weren't getting paid!).


Our bodies know the difference between food grown with love, and food grown for accumulation of wealth and power.


What kind of an investment are you making in your own well-being, your loved ones, other human beings, and the Earth that sustains you?

We all have options!
Worth serious consideration!

Shellie aka @everlove 💞



Agreed wholeheartedly!

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