Simple Delicious Cottage Cheese Upgrade

in #foodlast year

This is a simple side dish that I remember from my childhood--
a specialty at my Gran and Papa's house.


My children also loved this dish throughout their childhood. I've served this to so many people at the @gardenofeden, and surprisingly, no one has had cottage cheese doctored up this way before.


It's easy to add a special touch with literally any vegetable you have on hand. Onions and chives are my consistent favorites I always add. Chopped into tiny bits, the raw veggies add a unique crunch to the creamy cheese.


I also add salt and LOTS of pepper, plenty of fresh herbs, and whatever spices like paprika, cayenne, lemon pepper and especially beau monde that strike me in the moment.


This veggie cottage cheese not only makes a great side dish, but it's also a really fun and easy snack you can make ahead of time and even use as a dip for chips, an addition to burritos, on top of an omelet or....use your imagination!

~Oh so satisfying!~

Would love to hear if you've had this before or if you've made and loved a concoction of your own.

Shellie aka @everlove 💞

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