Yep! It's Another Every Day Salad Day - Shared

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Freshness is always on the menu at the @gardenofeden!


Our wild and cultivated greens are thriving, as are our onions, chives, herbs and other seasonal crops.


So--as always we are blessed to have a fresh, crispy, delicious, healthy salad with lots of toppings--everday!


And not only is it great for our bodies, it's also a piece of art created with love from the fruits of our labor, and therefore infused with years of loving attention brought forth from the beginning of our gardening, even the bags of leaves and other things we hand-gathered to create dense and life-giving soil before we ever planted the seeds.


Some of the best part for me is that others also enjoyed this salad with us. We've had guests who only eat cooked food, and who admittedly don't like salad so NEVER eat it. But guess what....


Our everyday salad became one of their favorite meals--so surprised themselves how much they loved the flavor and how good it felt for their bodies to be blessed with such aliveness!


Even while at home doing our everyday thing, we are honored to affect people in positive ways and help change their lives forever.

Oh, the simplicity, and complexity, of Salad!

Shellie aka @everlove 💞

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