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Who doesn't love a really yummy burrito?


Especially a homemade burrito with loads of homemade and homegrown ingredients
and fresh vegetables from the garden!


We made our specialty herbed tomato salad as one of our components
while we enjoyed a hot cup of steamy, creamy coffee made on our handmade outdoor rocket stove.


Minced garlic, olive oil and lots of herbs and spices make this tomato salad one of our favorite staples at the @gardenofeden.


We also made a combination of several different cheeses with chopped chives because decadent cheeses just somehow have their way of upgrading almost any dish!


We also included a spicy rice made with cauliflower and sautéed peppers and onions.


Sour cream, salsa, a homemade spicy sauce, bean and egg salad, jalapeños, homemade hummus and homemade kimchi were also featured in this Mexican fusion-style meal.


Our guests built their own burritos using these fun, unusual toppings piled on top of their scrambled peppered eggs and bacon, wrapped in a hot multi-grain tortilla.


Of course we squeezed in a little room for sweet bell peppers, red onion rings, a fresh green wild crafted salad, and avocado.


The idea was for everyone to craft their burrito to suit their own taste, but of course no one could resist piling on a bit of it all.


This was an incredible, one-of-a-kind fulfilling meal our guests will not soon forget!


Any meal can be whatever we want it to be without having to adhere to traditional ingredients. It's surprising the flavors one can get when daring to step out of the norm and use the imagination.

Shellie aka @everlove 💞

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